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  1. Depends on your diff. Z32 is a 5 speed, Z33 is a 6 speed so my thoughts are to go for a Z32 box. Z33 would be good if you had a 6 speed. If you do decide on a Z33 anyway, get a CD009. The first gen Z33 were piss weak.
  2. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Same here. Love the DIY!
  3. S15 silvia, what should I be paying?

    I picked up a clean stock S15 Silvia with 100k on the clock for $13k...no it hasn't blown up, no there's nothing wrong with it bar a few minor things (gear surround needs replacing, mirror doesn't close etc) so you can find what you need within 15-20k budget
  4. tie rod ends

    S14. It's dependant on the LCA length. S14 are 14mm thread so you'll need new ends, or you can go S15 tie rods which same length as S14 but are 12mm, same as S13 so your existing ends will suit.
  5. 180sx type X suspension?

    I've got a S15 and would definitely recommend a bilstein/king spring shock/spring combo. Very comfy, a bit firm (just enough for the bends, still comfy enough for daily driving) and still the best and lowest you'll get before coilovers. Unfortunately kings are the only thing worth doing on the market spring wise, but would still recommend them. This is coming from years of daily driving Silkroad/BC coilovers in my old S13, and then went PBM for the track. Wifey loves it over coilovers but found the stock suspension way more comfy (I found it too soft and high lol).
  6. Do you have the pipe for the bov, willing to seperate?
  7. Nismo S tune suspension S14/S15. Struts and springs

    How much lower does this sit compared to standard?
  8. That's your problem. Change to a 4.1 or 4.3 and you'll be amazed
  9. I've always had an FPR on my car so can't tell the difference, but may as well put it in I reckon..
  10. Great build by the looks of things. 480c is definitely going to be the limiting factor of the build, pending how far over 200rwkw you want to get..would recommend looking into some 555cc nismo injectors for some more headroom.
  11. Because someone will ask somewhere down the track.. S13 with Type X Skirts (And CA lip for reference on how low they hang):
  12. sell s13?

    Too hard to find another clean example that isn't overpriced. V35's are a sweet cruiser definitely get one too!
  13. For me, I enjoy driving the car, making it track only has it's positives and negatives, but wouldn't go track only again. Only time I'd sell is if I wanted a weekender/something to drive on the road again every now and then to which I'm half tempted to. Needless to say, I would sell up in a few years, only to buy another fun car. What I'm hearing mostly is "I don't get old of the car because I enjoy it" or "there isn't anything else to move onto". So I pose the question: If the FT86/BRZ came out turbo/supercharged/whatever, would you be selling your s-chassis for this? Answer for me would be, I would probably buy one once the warranty is out and people are selling them, but for the moment a S15 would be on the cards if I sold up. (supposably a turbo sti version is meant to come out at some point, guess we'll have to wait and see..)
  14. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Looks really good locky, those rear guards look awesome and work really well! RE skirts, look into maybe getting a lip for the front? Couldn't find one under $200 for FRP copy, vertex skirts come to mind though that would prob be the next size up from aero. Or maybe some of the chunkier skirts (think biggie has his still??)