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  1. Cannot edit post, but location is Central-West NSW
  2. Bought in May 2005 with 190,000km on the odometer, the engine and transmission having been replaced at 90,000km (verified by serial number checked by reputable workshop during pre-purchase inspection) with a 1997 model's. Overall this car is in great condition, having a full respray just done in factory red. This car has been my baby for over 10 years now as a weekend car, and is a very regrettable sale but circumstances change. It has always been garaged, washed, waxed and polished on a regular basis. Can discuss details of how I got eligibility for very cheap full comprehensive insurance as well, depending on your circumstances. Fully engineered with certificate, only thing not covered is the wheels. Only the best quality parts/fluids used to achieve the goal of producing a responsive and easy to drive street setup. Tuned by Unigroup Engineering it produces a very linear 223rwkw at 19psi. All documentation available and provided with sale. Note: Can come without the black wheels in the pictures for a reduced price. Stock wheels, or the chrome wheels in the photos (shown just to see the wheels) will be put on instead. No trades/time wasters. Serious offers only. Asking $13,900 without rego renewed, $14,400 with rego until December 2017. Carsales ad link http://www.carsales....D-3709340/?Cr=0
  3. r33 s2 diff into s14

    Would like to find out the answer to this as I'm about to do the same thing. If you're still around mate, did it work? My understanding is the R33 non-ABS housing should mate right up to the S14 tailshaft and diff mounting bolts. My main concern is I'm pretty sure you have to buy the centre that has halfshafts with the same bolt pattern to match your rear driveshafts (which would be the S14 centre I'm assuming you had). Does this fit into the R33 housing (guessing it would have to fit your R33 bearings and everything inside the housing)?
  4. Your latest mod..........

    Nice man. Let me know how the BC springs go with the Poncams. I've had issues with the same set up on my car. The timing chain started rattling, we believe it may be caused by the spring tension being too high in the BC springs and stretching the chain.
  5. Moving back to newy

    You would Wes you whore!
  6. Moving back to newy

    I heard a rumour that Jase tried to hit on everyone so they left.
  7. Yeah, sounds like noone else hasn't heard anything about refunds for this fiasco. I think it just might be an incredible coincidence and a scam.
  8. Okay, so I've got this strange letter sent to me in the mail from an "Entitlement Service" saying they'd tracked me down from my previous address (I have moved since this whole fiasco started) and that I'm entitled to a payment of $500. The only thing I could think of was this. Has anyone else had something similar, or know of any returns of payment?
  9. Moving back to newy

    Nice looking ride there mate. Heaps strange looking at pics of it because my S14 is going through a bit of a "mild" makeover and will look very similar to that actually, hahahaha. This place has been prett dead for a year or so. Will see if some of the old crew come out of the woodwork with this thread...
  10. Apart from some dodgey mesh in the front bar, the workshop seems to think it's not that bad of quality. Will find out more in a month or so when they actually try to fit it.
  11. Your latest mod..........

    Reppin the S1! Yeeeeeew!
  12. Good to hear it's sorted. Still won't get you your 6 months waiting back.
  13. I'm trying to get my smash repairer to have a look at the kit as soon as possible then.
  14. Maaaaaaaaaaan wtf!?! That's bullshit! This better not f**kin happen to me or I'll be returning it and demanding a refund.
  15. I'd got a tracking number but it doesn't actually "track" it, just tells you where it's leaving from and when it's leaving sorta thing. Mine was supposedly sent on a Friday from Sydney and arrived in the Hunter Valley (~3hrs away) by Monday. Still should have arrived by now even if you were on the other side of the country.