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  1. 2x Left in Stock $150 delivered!
  2. gearbox options?

    Speak to chris down at jms in adelaide, they sell these complete RB25 box kits ready for the SR20 for a about $2000 to your door
  3. Just to clarify a few things for some recent PM's I have received regarding the walbro pumps: These Walbro pumps are rated at 255lp/h as opposed to the bosch 235lp/h and are $45 cheaper that what the bosch pumps currently sell for on NS.com I use to sell Bosch pumps and had to change to selling Walbros as I was getting to many failures with the Bosch pumps which I had to replace under warranty constantly I have only had to replace 1 walbro pump out of the 200+ I have sold (with the Bosch pumps I had to replace 11 out of about the 120 I sold)
  4. gtt98 - Just confirming that the Tracking number has been sent, hopefully you receive the package shortly
  5. Pumps have been selling well 4 left in stock At this price you can't go wrong, more flow and quality than your Bosch pumps
  6. Back from my extended holidays now Plenty of pumps in stock ready to go!
  7. Thanks mate, pleasure doing business with you 5 pumps left in stock Why pay double the price for a crapier Bosch pump???? I use to sell the Bosch series of pumps and found more than 2 out of 10 pumps were returned due to failure, with the walbro I have not had one return yet
  8. For all that asked, I now have these in stock ready to go
  9. 180sr - Pleasure doing business with you champ
  10. 180 sr - PM Sent Caged Beast - Fuel consumption is slightly more after the install but either a tune or installation of a FPR will assist in reducing this Mikymouse - DOA warranty replacement
  11. 180 sr - $415 for the Reg and Pump delivered via express post The reg is a universal reg and does not include the SR adapter but this can be purchase quite cheap from most workshops ($30) I can not see a part number on the box or reg but the instructions say SRB01-SRA05 Here a couple of pics of the reg:
  12. Qwalker - thank you for the feedback 5 Pumps Left in Stock ready to go!