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  1. Price : $100 Condition : Used have a few parts laying around *stock s15 jdm tail lights - $150 *stock s15 jdm rear bar in undercoat ready for paint - $150 *stock s15 jdm tail light wireloom (jdm has 2 break light bulbs, adm has 1) -$30 *stock s15 bov - $50 *stock s14/s15 exhaust muffler to front pipe - $100 *stock s15 wheels in matt black with tyres 35-40% - $300 *rh s15 door has everything except door trims - $200 *lh s15 door has everything except door trims - $200 *s15 jdm speedo has around 80xxxkms - $150 *s14/s15 lowered springs and shocks - $150 *decat pipe with cover - $50 *intercooler core 100mm thick -$50 *s14/s15 hpi 3" split front and dump - SOLD *s15 ganador style mirrors - SOLD *stock s15 airbox brand new panel filter with snorkal - SOLD *s15 nismo oil cap -SOLD *hks bov - SOLD *apexi avcr boost controler - SOLD all parts came of a s15 located west side.. pm if intersested
  2. I have S15 vertex side skirts and rear bar in pewter wanting to swap for jdm spec r sides and rear if any ones intrested pm me
  3. need a s15 boot lid no holes willling to buy or swap
  4. hey guys just woundering if theres any exhaust shops that you can reconmend of in melbourne that can weld stainless steal?? im located in the west side of melbourne cheers
  5. hehe cheers Mr_G couldnt have done it without u
  6. hey thanks heaps for you help guys ill post pics of the rims on the car as soon as i get it rolled
  7. hey guys as topic stats i need some one or shop asap to roll my guards to fit on some gtr r34 rims..tyres are 235/40/18 all round.. im located in sunshine melbourne any help would be most appreciated cheers guys
  8. BOV Install Failed

    sounds like the spring isnt tight enough? if its a fake one then it tends to hapen but if its the real thing it should be ok, just tighten the spring
  9. just use duck tape bro if it fits nice just needs abit if it sticks out use a fair bit
  10. 100,000km service

    how much in labour isit ? im only on 50 000 but when the time comes ill be ready
  11. 100,000km service

    hey how much is it to change the chain anyways?
  12. 100,000km service

    timing chain lasts up to 200 000 kms -breaks -break fluid -coolent -fan belts -re gas all bulbs