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  1. hey guys we are considering producing our 1jz conversion packages on a bit larger basis pending interest kits will come with the following aftermarket engine mounts and brackets - bolt these onto your 1jz/ 2jz and drop onto existing crossmember gbox mount custom bolt on throttle cable and an optional extra - we may also provide custom 1 piece tailshafts to suit essentially, this includes all the mounting hardware to drop it into your car sitting properly sits it nice and low, and as far back as practical we are using this mounting kit in our own drift car, which we have used as R&D for this package for others will be able to produce these kits for s13/14/15, r32 & r33 is there enough demand from people for these kits??? i know the guys in the US sell similar kits for $1500 US + exhange crossmember for our kits inc throttle cable, it will be roughly $1200
  2. hey guys thought i would throw this up again we have finished development of our 1jz / 2jz mounting kits to go into our beloved nissans engine mount kit $700 the engine mount kit includes the engine mount brackets and engine mounts to drop the jz series motor straight into the car using the existing crossmember.. this will work for s13 / 180sx / s14 /s15. this could also be used in r32 / 33 /34 but would require changing to a s series crossmember. these have been designed to sit the engine as low and as far back as possible gbox mount $250 this is designed to match our engine mount kit with a R154b gbox behind it... this bolts up between the chassis of the vehicle and existing R154 crossmember, so make sure u get the r154 crossmember with it when u buy ur box or 1/2 cut. these are made of solid steel construction im pretty sure the dimensions should be same for s14 but will let someone else confirm. confirmation for s15 also ??? custom 3" one piece tailshaft $700 this tailshaft will suit our engine and gbox mount kits - 3" one piece shaft that will comfortably handle 11 000rpm in 5th gear. this tailshaft setup has only been tested and measure up for s13... im pretty sure the dimensions should be same for s14 but will let someone else confirm. confirmation for s15 also ??? custom throttle cable $250 requried for the jz conversion into s series chassis. will need old throttle cable as exchange. direct bolt in the throttle cable is only to suit s13... can do s14 and s15 but would need car here to make it up as lengths differ as far as i know... if anyone can correct me, feel free though custom upgraded front swaybar $300 standard swaybar will no longer fit with this conversion. swaybar is only to suit s13 / 180sx and is a thicker, heavy duty item. bolts straight in but clears front sump setup of the JZ series motors will do a whole package (everything listed aboev) for $2200 available and ready to go
  3. sup guys jsut after some information or help with wiring up Z32 AFM to SR20DET bought one and comes with plug -- under insulation it has a small red wire, small black wire, and small white wire -- then in lilttle separate insulation bit it has another black and white wire how do you go about wiring the Z32 up to the sr20det??? all help would be appreciated thanks guys peace ROB
  4. We have moved !

    Hey hey everybody A lot of you probably already know this, but for those that don't, we have recently moved workshops. Don't stress, we haven't gone too far, and to be honest, the new location should be quicker and easier for everybody to access - from local, north or south! Our new address is 37 Robinson Road East, VIRGINIA QLD 4014 we also have new phone and fax numbers so please update these in your phones. The old numbers are no longer working, effective immediately. P: 07 3265 4880 F: 07 3865 4883 E: info@eccustoms.com email address remains the same - as well as facebook and twitter and all the others... For directions to the new place, jump on our website at www.eccustoms.com Will most likely be holding a large dyno day once we are fully settled - and also possibly a hardtuned only dyno day - cos we love you guys In the meantime guys, can't wait to see everybody at the new place
  5. Work shop and spare parts RECOMMENDATIONS

    figured i would update all our new details since we have moved to our new facility most people on here know us - and if you don't, you should EAST COAST CUSTOMS 37 Robinson Road East VIRGINIA QLD 4014 P 3265 4880 F 3865 4883 E info@eccustoms.com www.eccustoms.com
  6. New T28 framed Garrett GTX-R turbos

    we just bought a GTX2863 for a customer - however is going on a 4.2L turbo diesel - so wnt help much but the more we do i will post results
  7. Power FC djetro

    check the diagnostics for sensors etc in the ETC menu if she ran fine before, that will tell you where your problem is
  8. Interpret my plugs sr20det

    plugs look great - from what the small undetailed photo can tell need a clear photo of other side of ground strap to check for indication of engine timing colour looks great - burn looks clean - doesnt appear to be any contamination of evidence of det on the ceramic and no sooting coming up the threads /win
  9. A plea for an import workshop in NQ

    i have spoken to a few people before about doing some trips up but nothing has ever come to fruition it could be possible to work out a trip up there a few times a year, as long as there is enough people each trip to justify the accomodation, flights, time away etc etc and as long as there is a dyno that could be hired whilst up there?
  10. hey guys its time to celebrate the new year with some crazy crazy interest free finance specials !!!! application process is all fairly easy - local brissy people it is very easy, for all you interstate warriors - still nice and easy for the interstate guys there is one catch - for the finance paperwork we have to sight your identification.. if your not in brissy the only other option is to present to any of the other A1 EXHAUSTS STORE for them to sight your ID.... unfortunately, WA, NT, TAS and SA this counts you guys out as there are no a1 stores in these states as of yet application is a nice and easy process (this is for you interstate guys... for my locals it is even easier) 1. we work out what you want 2. i lodge the application with my finance company (LOMBARD FINANCE) 3. lombard will then call you to go through the application 4. within 10 minutes, i will be notified of your application success or epic failure 5. if successful, i will email / fax / mail you some documents to print out.. you need to fill these out (with bank details, signatures etc etc) then also get your id sighted at your nearest A1 EXHAUSTS store 6. fax / mail me back the documents... once i receive the documents back, i send the goods straight away !!!! 7. you make heaps of horsepower / look fully hektic better / do mad skids / get the chicks chicks chicks ftw... ALL FINANCE TERMS LISTED ARE 6 MONTHS.... SHORTER AND LONGER TERMS ARE AVAILABLE UPON NEGOTIATION so on to the specials !!!!!!!!!!! pricing does not include freight for retail items.. pricing is for minimum payment.. if you would like the full interest free payout figures let me know via PM firstly for the local guys only DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT / SUPPLY FIT AND TUNE NISTUNE = starting from less than $10 per week vehicles available s13 ca18det s13 sr20det (red and blacktop) s14 sr20det (series 1 and 2) s15 sr20det r32 rb20det r32 rb26dett r34 rb25det neo please note r33 and rb25det are NOT LISTED for a reason !!!!!!! ok for everyone now ADR APPROVED FIBREGLASS VENTED BONNETS = starting from less than $7 per week vehicles available s13 silvia 180sx s14 (series 1 and 2) s15 r32 (gtst and gtr) r33 (gtst and gtr) r34 (gtt and gtr) VT, VY, VZ, VE commodore JZA80 SUPRA AU, BA, BF FALCON please PM or check our website (clicky on my sig) for images of bonnets BRAND NEW BOSCH Z32 AFM'S with PLUG = starting from less than $5 per week we all know what these fit... can add to computer packages... will even send with vehicle specific wiring diagrams for each application 1 x set GREDDY EASY CAMS for S13 SR20DET REDTOP = starting from less than $6.50 per week best drop in cams available for s13 sr20det bar none... 256 deg IN 264 deg EX ... 10.5mm lift .... no need to upgrade valve springs or anything other valvetrain component i have 1 set in stock to clear 1 x POWERFC L JETRO + COMMANDER for S13 SR20DET REDTOP = starting from less than $11 per week 1 x POWERFC L JETRO + COMMANDER for S15 SR20DET REDTOP = starting from less than $11 per week 1 x POWERFC D JETRO + COMMANDER for S13 SR20DET REDTOP = starting from less than $14 per week ok ok we all know what a powerfc is and does ... items are brand new... ability to incorporate tuning into finance price for local guys.. can also include a z32 into price d jetro comes with map map sensor + harness and intake air temp sensor + harness EBOOST STREET = starting from less than $5 per week fantastic new electronic boost controller from turbosmart. has been redesigned for 2010.. handles up to 40psi and runs two separate adjustable boost channels EBOOST2 = starting from less than $7 per week 60psi models in two different sizes... one of the best electronic boost controllers ever HSD COILOVERS = starting from less than $11 per week we all know how good these are.. no need to explain TT from $11 per week HR from $13.50 per week ANY TURBO FROM THE GARRETT RANGE = starting from less than $12.50 per week to give you some examples disco potato = less than $12.50 per week gtrs = less than $13 per week GT35R - less than $14 per week HKS EVC-S = starting from less than $5 per week AFFORDABLE ELECTRONIC BOOST CONTROLLER FROM TUNING GIANT HKS CAN DO WITH MATCHING TURBO TIMER AS A PACKAGE WITH EVC-S FOR LESS THAN $6 PER WEEK any product we stock or source can be financed... contact us for more information or package deals !!!!!! why wait for the things you need....... interest free finance ftw !!!!!!!!
  11. calculations listed there are back to front latency formula is new minus old nismo minus stock .66 - .78 = -.12
  12. PROJECT MU !

    hey guys as some of you may already know, we have been appointed official PROJECT MU distributors to kick some stuff off, here are some nice introductory specials! BESTOP $160 NS SPEC $180 B-SPEC $230 HC+ $330 CR $370 D1 SPEC $160 (only for rears) certain models vary (aka big brembo sized pads etc) but this is the pricing for 99% of models PRICES FOR ROTORS VARY A LOT BETWEEN DIFFERENT MODELS i will post up the most commonly asked for ones - PM if yours aren't included.. i have included dimensions of the rotors etc but any confusion send us a PM! s13 / 180sx front 280 x 22mm CRD $275 PP6 $550 SCR $710 SCR PRO $1350 rear 258 x 9mm CRD $205 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a s14 - s15 front 280 x 30mm CRD $370 PP6 $550 SCR n/a SCR PRO $1350 rear 258 x 9mm CRD $205 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a R32 GTST front 280 x 30mm CRD $370 PP6 $550 SCR n/a SCR PRO $1350 rear 297 x 18mm CRD $365 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a R33 GTST front (no support for the 296 x 30mm versions) CRD $370 PP6 $550 SCR n/a SCR PRO $1350 rear 297 x 18mm CRD $365 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a R34 GTT front 310 x 30mm CRD n/a PP6 n/a SCR $830 SCR PRO $1395 rear 297 x 18mm CRD $365 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a R32 GTR front 296x32mm CRD $470 PP6 n/a SCR n/a SCR PRO $1350 rear 297 x 118mm CRD $365 PP6 $550 SCR $695 SCR PRO n/a R32 GTR V SPEC / R33 GTR front 324 x 30mm CRD $470 PP6 n/a SCR $880 SCR PRO $1395 rear 300 x 22mm CRD $420 PP6 n/a SCR $800 SCR PRO n/a R34 GTR front 324 x 30 mm CRD $470 PP6 n/a SCR $880 SCR PRO $1395 rear 300 x 22mm CRD $420 PP6 n/a SCR $800 SCR PRO n/a LUG NUTS $220 full sets of 20 - lightweight and sexual PRICING AVAILABLE ON FULL BRAKE KITS (CALIPERS / PADS / ROTORS / LINES ETC), BRAKE FLUID, LUG NUTS ETC ALSO VIA PM!
  13. Why to invest in quality straps

    holy shit mitch your just catch a break can you mate?
  14. Good power fc tuner, brissy/goldy

    give us a call champ - 3359 5466 - ask for rob if you feel comfortable with what we have to say, then we can work something out and get these cars of yours tuned fwiw - we probably tune on average 4-5 powerfc's, 5+ sr20's, and 3-4 rb25s per week so know our way around them...
  15. Mazda 1000 Sr20VET The chase for 8's

    whys that?
  16. external fuel system setups

    few examples
  17. as far as im aware, the factory ecu doesnt flash a knock light... well i have never seen it anyway... the factory ecu does have the ability to drop to a more conservative map though when it experiences knock - but no flashy light like a powerfc do your tuner the respect to take it back to him to have a look - the hotter weather now in summer will mean just a small touch up is required as a tuner, we tune with knock ears on aswell as referencing the pfc values bottom line - there is no consistency ..... i have tuned cars that knock their ring out while only displaying minimal numbers on the pfc - whilst others flash huge numbers with no knock as a general rule though for most cars, audible knock (whilst only light) through my wideband sensor registers at around 40-50 on a pfc hand controller.... 60+ stuff is very loud in my head phones and will end an engine if left unattended
  18. hey guys running a quick clearance special before christmas have some excess stock of S15 AUS SPEC TEIN SUPER STREET COILOVERS btw, aus spec means aus spec damper kits, not only for aus spec s15... $1700 + free postage 2 year warranty and fully serviceable in australia !!!!!!!! give us a call, email, or PM to order !!
  19. aeromotive FTW in saying that, i think the new walbro 400 is a turbine style pump instead of a gerotor - i may be wrong though.... make sure you upgrade wiring with its own independent relay and fuel lines also
  20. Deleting o2 sensor and tuning

    tuners should be turning them off to tune anyway then turning back on once finished for final trimming but as said, just another thing that can go wrong and make fuel economy even worse skd-70 - unplug it!
  21. hiflow stock injectors or aftermarket

    spend the money on real injectors your hi flows fail or spray wrong - your engine dies pretty simple really the diff in price is not $2000 - its like $500 so just do it ... your tuner will also thank you
  22. we use the aeromotive stealth ones a fair bit and have seen 300 + rwkw on them havent played with the new wlabros and have PUSHED a DW one if your really that concerned or really making that must grunt, just bite the bullet and do it properly with a surge and an external pump.......... it amazes me when people spend like $20-30k + modifying their cars, then get to a cross road like this, and cant justify the extra couple of hundred dollars your talking 350 rwkw - money will need to be spent!
  23. hey guys fulli hektic drift pipes are finally here and ready to go units are $330 + $30 freight anywhere in aus pipes are 3" inlet with twin 3" outlet they will need to be fitted but any reputable exhaust shop should be able to do this for under $100
  24. Cost of Dyno tune?

    we charge $175 per hour for tuning time taken depends on car / setup / problems etc etc