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  1. Work shop and spare parts RECOMMENDATIONS

    figured i would update all our new details since we have moved to our new facility most people on here know us - and if you don't, you should EAST COAST CUSTOMS 37 Robinson Road East VIRGINIA QLD 4014 P 3265 4880 F 3865 4883 E info@eccustoms.com www.eccustoms.com
  2. We have moved !

    Hey hey everybody A lot of you probably already know this, but for those that don't, we have recently moved workshops. Don't stress, we haven't gone too far, and to be honest, the new location should be quicker and easier for everybody to access - from local, north or south! Our new address is 37 Robinson Road East, VIRGINIA QLD 4014 we also have new phone and fax numbers so please update these in your phones. The old numbers are no longer working, effective immediately. P: 07 3265 4880 F: 07 3865 4883 E: info@eccustoms.com email address remains the same - as well as facebook and twitter and all the others... For directions to the new place, jump on our website at www.eccustoms.com Will most likely be holding a large dyno day once we are fully settled - and also possibly a hardtuned only dyno day - cos we love you guys In the meantime guys, can't wait to see everybody at the new place
  3. New T28 framed Garrett GTX-R turbos

    we just bought a GTX2863 for a customer - however is going on a 4.2L turbo diesel - so wnt help much but the more we do i will post results
  4. Power FC djetro

    check the diagnostics for sensors etc in the ETC menu if she ran fine before, that will tell you where your problem is
  5. Interpret my plugs sr20det

    plugs look great - from what the small undetailed photo can tell need a clear photo of other side of ground strap to check for indication of engine timing colour looks great - burn looks clean - doesnt appear to be any contamination of evidence of det on the ceramic and no sooting coming up the threads /win
  6. A plea for an import workshop in NQ

    i have spoken to a few people before about doing some trips up but nothing has ever come to fruition it could be possible to work out a trip up there a few times a year, as long as there is enough people each trip to justify the accomodation, flights, time away etc etc and as long as there is a dyno that could be hired whilst up there?
  7. calculations listed there are back to front latency formula is new minus old nismo minus stock .66 - .78 = -.12
  8. Why to invest in quality straps

    holy shit mitch your just catch a break can you mate?
  9. Good power fc tuner, brissy/goldy

    give us a call champ - 3359 5466 - ask for rob if you feel comfortable with what we have to say, then we can work something out and get these cars of yours tuned fwiw - we probably tune on average 4-5 powerfc's, 5+ sr20's, and 3-4 rb25s per week so know our way around them...
  10. Mazda 1000 Sr20VET The chase for 8's

    whys that?
  11. external fuel system setups

    few examples
  12. as far as im aware, the factory ecu doesnt flash a knock light... well i have never seen it anyway... the factory ecu does have the ability to drop to a more conservative map though when it experiences knock - but no flashy light like a powerfc do your tuner the respect to take it back to him to have a look - the hotter weather now in summer will mean just a small touch up is required as a tuner, we tune with knock ears on aswell as referencing the pfc values bottom line - there is no consistency ..... i have tuned cars that knock their ring out while only displaying minimal numbers on the pfc - whilst others flash huge numbers with no knock as a general rule though for most cars, audible knock (whilst only light) through my wideband sensor registers at around 40-50 on a pfc hand controller.... 60+ stuff is very loud in my head phones and will end an engine if left unattended
  13. hey guys running a quick clearance special before christmas have some excess stock of S15 AUS SPEC TEIN SUPER STREET COILOVERS btw, aus spec means aus spec damper kits, not only for aus spec s15... $1700 + free postage 2 year warranty and fully serviceable in australia !!!!!!!! give us a call, email, or PM to order !!
  14. aeromotive FTW in saying that, i think the new walbro 400 is a turbine style pump instead of a gerotor - i may be wrong though.... make sure you upgrade wiring with its own independent relay and fuel lines also