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  1. Build thread? Now with cams!

    Nice write up man. With the skyline rears did you change the knuckle or just add the backing plates and drum setup?
  2. Referring to mark from Unigroup. Has anyone used DVS tuning?
  3. This is exactly what happened with me. Yavus fixed a mess that another shop left my car in so go figure 😂 mark was rude and a smart ass and couldn't resolve a flat spot issue after leaving my car there for over a week I fucking found it myself.
  4. Garrett GT30 T3 vband housing brand new - $400 firm Work CR Kais bronze 18x9.5 + 12 pair. Slight buckle on one rim and minor rash. Comes with 235 40 proxies around 80% thread - $450 firm GTR fan shroud - $50 S15 white bootlid by itself to suit GT wing - $80 Autobahn 88 S14 hood damper new - $40 S15 RDA front slotted rotors used - $30 S15 RDA slotted rotors rear near new $50 10mm slip on spacers suit s15 - $20 S15 front splash guards - $50 S15 JDM ecu - $100 Magnetic sump plug - $10 Gktech Hub rings -$5 S15 power steering resovoir - $20 S15 standard rear brake calipers and pads - $50 S15 standard bov and piping - $50 S15 a/c fan - $20 S15 LH lower control arm -$20 GFB boost T red - $15 Pics will be up soon. Can mms pics on request in the meantime PM me. Pick up from Sutherland shire. Can post at buyers expense. Rob.
  5. Hey man so if you have an s15 the k20 route would be easier than swapping rocker covers and getting Yaris coils?
  6. Fuck dude I'm not a suspension guru but that spring is going to hit that arm or close to it when it's compressed.
  7. WOW - What happened?

    Man that s15 must be nice Who's going to wtac? Good to see the drifting is back on the drift track and is in the arvo/night. Would be cool to see tsuchiya as well
  8. WOW - What happened?

    Hey man how much boost was the GTX3071 running? Is there a limit where it stops making power?
  9. Garrett Turbo Housing T3 .63a/r Brand New

    Bump will do for $450
  10. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    I recently tuned a car on the 1250cc Bosch injectors, and only had them at 3bar. Made 350kW and the duty cycle was about 90% of so. Awesome to know I thought they maxed out way earlier. Where do you get them from? That was that twin scroll setup right? Well done
  11. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    Can anyone recommend where to get the Bosch 1650cc stainless steel injectors? Would they be large enough to get me to 350kw on e85 or do I need 2000cc?
  12. Sr20 sumps

    Love your write up man 👍🏼
  13. Sr20 sumps

    moroso and tomei are both sheet metal moroso alloy sheet metal tomei stainless shit metal Aeroflow alloy sheet metal greddy cast most of the ebay copy ones are made from cast alloy and very poor grade casting as well Good to know I heard moroso had fitment issues so steered clear at the time I bought mine.
  14. Sr20 sumps

    I had a look at greddy, moroso and tomei. All seemed to have the positives and negatives. After speaking to my engine builder I went with Aeroflow on mine.