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  1. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Will take it off next time and see what I can get Brake pads would help to , didn`t stop that well that that day but maybe thats why it was quick ...........
  2. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Callum where do I put this ?? - Paul Williamson Nissan Silvia - 1:01.0000 - KU36 230hp FJ20S13 . Has a rear wing but don`t think it does much ......... Anyway stick it where you reckon it should go Just rebuilt the FJ with forged pistons so might bring it out again soon and have another go
  3. Wheels! R32 GTR Set with RE-01R Potenzas! VGC

    sold sorry
  4. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Anyone coming to lakeside on Thursday ?? We will be there Video of QR on Tuesday - http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1728398776783&comments&ref=mf#!/video/video.php?v=1728398776783&comments Paul
  5. Time Attack Leader Board QLD

    Update QR times On Federal Semi`s FZ201 Sprint Track 56.46 - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?23/11/2010.QR1.P2 Clubman Track 59.04 - http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?23/11/2010.QR1.P1 On Federal RSR`s National Track 1.21.13 - http://www.timeattack.com.au/about/about/national.html More to come
  6. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Onboard is coming soon , it was a seriously quick field of cars there on the day - I think we were fasteset of the sub $100000 cars tho ........ lol Power steering cooler will fix the fluid overflowing - easy and cheap We have one on the 14 and no issues
  7. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    We are still running the Test set of softs that Federal sent out yes , they need to make something softer tho as these will do a full session with no drop off in performance but the good news is they have done 4 days now and still work great so very durable tyres that dont go off sitting around the shed
  8. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Seems to work well hey ! Was hoping for a 55 at QR so I could get one at Lakeside ............ lol
  9. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Had a pretty good day at QR - Clubman Track 59.04 and Sprint Track 56.46 So have lowered the S chassis bar again guys That was on FZ201`s . Also noticed inlet air temps are way to high ( 60 deg ) so need to upgrade the intercooler and get some ducting in there ! Paul
  10. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Yes have a couple of 4.3 diffs here no probs
  11. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Hey Guys Good show at Morgan Park , have to get up there sometme soon . Will be back out with Greddy T518Z back on ( new one showed up this week and HKS cams hopefully QR on the 23rd and Lakeside 2nd Dec - hanging out to drive it again Paul Damn that Lotus is Quick !!!!!!!!
  12. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Will just go out and go faster soon I hope ............ lol Hoping for 55`s on the sprint track but we will see Paul
  13. Track S series

    This is our S14 One of the quickest S chassis in QLD at the moment More development always happening Paul
  14. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Hey guys , i dont get on this thread for a while and you have all nearly filled the page ! Good to see everyone is improving , combination of car development and learning lakeside by the look of it .......... Afraid i will be out of the club , have HKS cams and another T518Z coming for the S14 after trying the Tomei turbo at QR and hated it - so hoping to have around 250kw atw soon Should be at QR on the 23rd and Lakeside on the 2nd Dec I hope - having withdrawal not driving the car Paul
  15. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Great effort from Sam yesterday , well done ! And good to see Aaron out there doing well - have followed the build of that car over the last couple of years , he has put hundreds of hours into that ! Paul