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  1. HKS GTRS or Trust t518z 10cm?

    Also it comes on boost hard around 3500 -4000 rpm, bloody torquei thing, luv it out of the corners in hills!!! MADPHAT
  2. HKS GTRS or Trust t518z 10cm?

    I have HKS GTRS - i just got me beast running with Standard computer and bolt on Interccoler HYBRID, a nice JC Exhaust manifold and JUNBL Exhaust System the car i recon pulls around 170kw with stadard computer, fuel pump and injectors!!! The upgrade to high flow injectrs and power FC with GTR Fuel pump should see it hit the 250kw, more than enough to scare me shit!!! MADCAP........ plus the sound of the car when you switch it off, BB is an awsome sound..........STILL SPINNING!!!

    phat dude phat!!!
  4. what turbo should i get

    GET A HKSGTRS LOW MOUNT TURBO, GOOD FOR 400PS AROUND 250 - 260KW ON 1.2 BAR BOOST!!! MADCAP.....................
  5. phat 13 has seen the light!

    Luv your car dude, promise to send me some final pics as i would luv to host on my website!!! MADCAP, tuff car
  6. ^^^ thats why i use good oild for the Fwrash..........oil is very important dont every forget it, just like fuel!!! MADCAP, i stuffed my last motor coz i did not replace it regulary!!!
  7. MOBILE 1 synthetic is No. 1 choice for any SR20 motor!!!

  9. look out bowzer she will fall in love with you.......... she like little boyz with nissans HAHAHA you let a chick keep up, dude thats wrong!!!! madcap
  10. condolences to his family, sorry to hear!!! Damn its weird to hear of the loss!! MADCAP
  11. 4 TIMES THANK YOU VERY MUCH...............
  12. MADCAP Rebuild

  13. ** Girls Girls Girls **

    HEY HEY MINE TOOO........ come on Hanna seriuosly you could have left it there!!!! it would be interesting to see how long it does last!!! OUCH..............
  14. Hey Its MADCAP, I am building a 200SX full rebuild and the crazy thing is i forgot to take photos of the wirring under the drivers side and computer side, can someone help me by taking photos of the fuse box section!!!! this would help heaps!!! Also i need the pictures for the computer side on the passenger side, if someone can help it will save me heaps......... Kind Regards MADCAP
  15. screamer pipe

    someone take this kid for a drive in one drift car, then with out pre warning let her rip..... i am sure he will be smilying!!! MADACP........ the tip is is that its CRAZY LOUD!!!