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  1. Introduce Yourself

    Name: kellie Nickname: kel Where I live: brisbane What I do for a living: retail manager What I drive: rb20det cefaurel (laurel with ceffy nose), xt130 corona, c210 skyline Mods/future plans: c33- not advertising corona - soon to be ca18det Dream Car: rx7 s7 and my corona when its finished Interests: collecting imports with my fiance and bringing up my 2 babys (cats)
  2. Photo of your ride

    Here is the laurel/ ceffy, and the corona love my babies
  3. Thanks heaps guys, I'll let you know what I end up sorting out! x.kel
  4. Thanks for that Ash... do you know anything about making it a hybrid by interchanging the parts on the 2?
  5. Speedo Goin Nuts

    My car does this too! If it is the speed / sensor or connections, please let me know I changed the clutch and I had to disconnect and reconnect it to my gearbox.... I know it is connected properly at the gearbox but it still does it I've also pulled my dash out (hell I've pulled my whole car apart pretty much over the past year) and I've changed the ECU. So, we know it's probs not that. I just think it might be a supernatural phenomenon. Maybe our cars are haunted!?!?
  6. Hi guys. I need to know whether it is worth putting my t25g turbo i have in my garage onto my Ca18... it has the stocko t25 on it now, but I have a feeling it's on its way out. I read somewhere that it might be a good idea to use the housing off the back of the t25 and put it onto the t25g... apparently it makes it spool 1000rpm quicker. Is this right? If someone could also clarify and post pics of the 2 different turbos, I'd be very happy Cheers - Kel