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  1. Some times gets used

    So have Mattel approached you about the new Barbie drift sedan concept..? Ps. I kinda dig the colour, though agree that more suited wheels are required.
  2. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    right now the guy who owns that onevia in jap land is looking at high res shots of your rig going "ahh yes, time for s13 front end". Grass is always greener, bro.
  3. Henry's 1992 S13 Silvia

    I love the simple but effective styling man. Has inspired me to go with mesh style rims with my new drifto project. Just to clarify, are your side skirts a nissan/nismo option or are they aftermarket frp?
  4. Forever in build mode - 180sx + 1jz

    fibreglass copies or plastic?
  5. Forever in build mode - 180sx + 1jz

    Hey Joo if you want to part with one of those CA front lips let me know! Of course if you just want to hoard cool parts i totally understand!
  6. is that the motor out of marti's car that your brother bought?
  7. Looks like it might be Kyle williams... link to his facebook; http://www.facebook.com/bodyboardingbum?ref=ts&fref=ts
  8. what did you think of barbs?
  9. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    Yeh man, its jared's car. Looks even better now, has been lowered at front more and has ganadors and boot lip.
  10. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    My housemates 90, looks decent rocking the cst's.
  11. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Well i thought this probably deserved its own thread to gauge who is going, get advice etc... I shall be attending with a couple of mates, we booked our flights yesterday
  12. August Ebisu Matsuri

    likewise, was great to meet you eastern states dudes and put some faces to forum names. also cheers for the assistance into the pits after our "incident" on the last day... haha PS. my travels following Ebisu have lead me to the conclusion that japanese women are HOT and LOVE aussie guys but you have ZERO chance of having a one night stand with them... so I started targeting backpackers.
  13. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Easily the best car event I've ever been to/participated in... So much seat time and such a relaxed atmosphere. Already running through plans in my head for a return next year. powervehicles A++++ seller, will buy again!
  14. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    Thought I'd start up a build thread to track the progress of my new project car as i didn't really manage too with my first project. Anyway old project turned out like this; SR20det drift shitter with all your basic mods to make ~300hp and turn a tyre in anger. I've had the car near on 5 years but its probably only seen a years worth of actual road/track use so i have grown bored of it. **** Enter the new rig. It popped up on a local forum, one owner since being imported into Aus and very well priced. It Looked quite clean and I had always wanted to own a convertible. I went for an inspection, car was not as clean as I had hoped but i saw it had huge potential and after I turned on the ignition... it was hard to say no! And so the new project begins... Current plans are some basic maintenance/mods it requires to be a good healthy street/track car. However, once these issues are sorted the car will be getting baller rims, stance, custom half cage, a decent 350-400hp highmount setup and all the usual support mods a drift car requires. Mods list as of when i bought it is; Engine Modifications RB26DETT MoTeC M8 + ignition expander BNR34 GTR twin turbos (steel-wheel) Bar/plate FMIC Trust Grex 1.2mm headgasket Trust Grex adjustable cam-gears Trust oil filter relocator Trust Type-S bov Nismo engine mounts Bosch 040 fuel pump (brand new) Custom baffled sump Nismo thermostat R32GTST radiator Twin 10” thermo fans Twin K&N pod filters 3BAR MAP sensor Exterior Modifications BN Sports front bar BN Sports side skirts M-Sports front guards Vertex rear bar Widened rear guards Despoilered Resprayed in phantom black Suspension and Wheels Modifications Rear strut-brace Nismo twin plate sprung centre clutch Nismo lightened flywheel R33GTST 5-speed gearbox Custom one-piece tailshaft Nismo gearbox mount R32 GTST LSD R32 GTR front brakes R33 GTST rear brakes CNC billet hubs (front) R33 GTST axles/hubs (rear) 18" Starcorp Kaotik rims with 225/40/18 (front) & 255/35/18 (rear) (90%+ tread all-round) pic on from the day i picked it up... engine bay... How it currently sits since chucking in my coilovers and Bride seats (yes car will eventually be lower but with it currently regularly being jacked up for mechanical work this is a more practical height).
  15. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    changes are in the pipeline, hopefully can be pulled off for her new summer 2013 look.
  16. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    Well progress has been very slow... Koyo rad, gauges and other shit has rocked up but still need to buy N1 oil pump and another few things before its ready to go to the workshop. Funds have been directed towards my trip to summer matsuri in Japan where i'll be piloting this jzx POS with my housemates. Convertible will be getting a lot of love and attention when i return from japan in 2 weeks, keen to get it onto a track next year!
  17. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Hey guys as I'll ask this question again as nobody answered me last time. But what do ppl generally do about travel insurance for these trips? I've spoken to quite a few places now and most don't want anything to do with me once i mention driving and race tracks... Is everyone just getting normal insurance and just hoping nothing goes wrong?
  18. August Ebisu Matsuri

    yeh gonna swing by and win aussies a gold at london before skids. ....or have a 5hr stop over in Singapore. if you can mate, next time grab a day in singapore, pretty cool place. last time we got the cheapest possible flight, which ended up giving us a 11 hour stop over in singapore, just enough time to go out, hit singapore, get plastered, roll back to the airport and pass out on the plane. yeh the thought already crossed my mind, but the concern would be that in my drunken stupor state I would prioritise having that "last round of shots with the boys" over getting in a taxi back to the airport.
  19. August Ebisu Matsuri

    yeh gonna swing by and win aussies a gold at london before skids. ....or have a 5hr stop over in Singapore.
  20. August Ebisu Matsuri

    JZX90 missile - purchased Gopro Hero 2 - purchased Driftbattle magazine to read on 20hr flight - purchased Shit is getting real.
  21. Kansai Giant - Sil80 HIT AND RUN ** NOW PAINTED**

    Does rear part of exhaust have to be removed so rear bar can be taken off without f**king up paint?
  22. August Ebisu Matsuri

    For peeps that have been before, do you have any recomendations as far as companies/policies for travel insurance??
  23. worlds slowest build...

    Good to hear man, yeh Jared told me about the SR change. Been bitten by the travel bug as well after my road trip to US this year but im also embarking on an RB26 sil build so $$$ is gonna be tight! What has happened to lachlans sil, thats another car i havent heard about in a long time?
  24. worlds slowest build...

    Pretty sure he realised there are more important things in life than spending bulk $$$ on building a car, sold 2J setup and may be going back to simple SR streeter spec... could be wrong though.
  25. Very sad indeed, probably my favourite car/build thread on this site Out of interest do you have a swaybar to suit rb26 in s13?