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  1. new clutch slipping

    im not sure wat the shop did on install but i did have my rear main seal replaced like 5000kms ago so i think that would be fine and i havent seen ne oil as i did wen the seal went... yeh i was so pissed wen it slipped i was like all that money for this shit... pretty sure its fully releasing hey but i mite adjust it a lil more so it releases a lil bit earlier.
  2. new clutch slipping

    its gay coz shop didnt say nething bout it they just put it on the dyno for a few hours...
  3. hows it goin got an exedy 5 puk with 1200kg pressure plate and lightweight flywheel n now after bout 1500km from install i took off the other day and from first to second it slipped a lil and didnt take much notice but then the other night i tried doin a skid in second, dumping clutch at bout 5000rpm n the bitch just slipped hard... so i spose my clutch is rooted but question is should it be put on a dyno straight from install? coz thats wat happened lol i beleived that a brass button didnt really have 2 been run in that easily? s13 sr20det with around 300rwhp this is really annoying as i have been forking out dollar after dollar for last 3 months
  4. driving technique? u rnt ment to ride the clutch the whole way lol jjs i have one rated at 300rwkw and im running 215 n i thought the other day i had a minor slip but other than that its been awesome
  5. hows it goin i have an s13 sr20det with apexi power fc and after a bit of engine work my cluster tacho all of a sudden stopped working but my power fc tacho appears to still be in working order. now all wiring from the apexi to the cluster seems to be fine any ideas of wat could be causing this problem? seems to be no output feed on the power fc but i dont know why thanx jason
  6. tacho signal

    awesome man thanx, seems like i have nothing out of my power fc so trying to find out y...
  7. tacho signal

    where on the engine does the tacho get its signal from? cheers jason
  8. car not running properly(new vid)

    yeh im pretty sure it is
  9. car not running properly(new vid)

    car dosnt run with afm unplugged unplugging the O2 sensor didnt really change much... wont idle on its own, needs accelerator really starting to bug me:)
  10. car not running properly(new vid)

    i touched the idle on the power fc but that was all i touched with the tune... idle was 1000rpm n i changed it down to 800 but that wasnt flash so i put it bak... i did a compression test bout month ago but i will do another one. carby cleaner is wat i need for spraying to vac lines hey? cheers
  11. car not running properly(new vid)

    lol wont even idle nemore like at all
  12. car not running properly(new vid)

    new vid from exhaust
  13. car not running properly(new vid)

    i have tried b4 but its pretty stuck lol wont be able to take it off with wat i got... ill add a new vid shortly
  14. car not running properly(new vid)

    mine is the one without the screw...
  15. car not running properly(new vid)

    yeh i do have one. exhause temp comes up, thats coz i have a decat pipe though lol ummm other one that comes up highlighted is boost but i dont have the power fc boost kit so i spose that explains that? the errors are the ones highlighted i believe yeh? i have a atmo bov but i have tried with it blocked with no different result where is the coolant temp sensor located? if you block the vac' line off then it will leak you need a vac' source to keep it closed. try taking it off completely and block the hole. Tape will do to block it because you are only idling. i have hks ssqv so it works opposite and completely blocks without vacuum dosnt it?