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  1. Panel Beaters for S13

    hey bud DT Panels 12 Lightwood Rd Springvale ph- 9562 3633 they do a good job. got my sil resprayed there, only for it to be backed into the week after i got it back. but anyways they r good cheers
  2. HELP! - My aerial's f&*^(d!

    yeah have the same problem aswell, but getting use to it now.
  3. fibreglass repair kits

    hey phunky monkey PM coco69 he just repaired his front bar and its a pretty decent job using the repair kit from kmart
  4. isnt it as easy as turbo = 3" n/a = 2.5" ?
  5. hey just wondering wat type of globes are in the silvia square lights? cheers!!
  6. Oil Filter

    hey mate, the oil filter is the right one for a sr20de and its a hassel getting to the oil filter....i dunno any tricks on getting it, but i didnt have too much trouble getting it off and putting the fresh one on. g luck cheers!
  7. best CA18det oil

    go motul heard lots of good things about em
  8. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    Name: Kong Car: Silvia 91 Location: Wantirna Sth / Glen Waverley Email/MSN: kongtan@hotmail.com
  9. T28 and ball bearing for sure!!!!!
  10. Stuffed clutch? need help

    i had the same problem a few months ago, and i checked my clutch fliud and i had absolutely nothing left in it, the fluid had stained the cltuch master resivour so i htought it had heaps left, but then i opened it and it was dry as anything. once i topped it up, i had no problem
  11. BOV on auto? yay or nay???

    hey i duno a lot of ppl with bov in an auto, which bov do u have? u can adjust bov sounds if u havent tried that i reckon bov are awesome, so much attention
  12. antenna

    i can hear the antenna motor trying to wind it back, but it just seems like its stuck and doesnt wanna come dwn. b4 that happened when it was going upwards, and it got to the top and it started to make a loud crunching sound, first i thought it was my back speaker but i got out of the car and it was my antenna, so i was trying to fix it and now it doesnt wanna wind back
  13. antenna

    hey my antenna seems to be stuffed, cos it doesnt wind itself back dwn like it usually does...do ppl know how i can fix it?
  14. hey i think i need to buy a new battery, i was just wondering wat i should get...for sr20de EXIDE? need help cheers!