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  1. Fark athid i remember comin round when u first got this beast from jap and it was going in for its respray! i thought it was clean then.....


    very very nice man, love waht youve done with it, looks minta. and ill bet it hammers... or it will by the sounds of it.


    bet it sounds phatt like andrews old 180, with 3/4 of the trust catalogue under the hood...that had a beeeeefy exhaust cam..

  2. hey yall


    My cousin in NZ has just got an import Nissan Terrano and it came with i think stock Addzest TV and sat nav unit....which also controls the sterio/cd player.


    i know you can get the adapters from autobarn etc that get the radio freqs converted so that it adjusts the mhz so that u can listen to radio stations over here...but i want to know if we can get the TV working and receiving channels? will the converter that does the radio also do the tv?


    any possibility the sat nav might be able to get working also?


    any help in the matter will be appreciated





  3. any recomendations on a 1ohm mono block...?


    keeping in mind dont wanna spend huge ammounts of cash. tru tech is out of the question....there 1ohm blocks start at like 1500, i know its probly worth every cent...however imjust not prepared to spend that much.


    any any where in melb apart from raw audio i can check out u guys know of?

  4. cheers surreal...hmmm 1ohm may be the way tto go...with a 1ohm stable monoblock....yeas....


    yeah and with the brands i dont want to go cheap as it just wont do the sub justice....so im going to be getting soemthing faily decent. however im having second thoughts now....the more research i do the more i find out i have to spend...better of saving it for the rotor me thinks.


    bigger battery, alternator etc etc...

  5. mmmmk any guru's out there? now i kno a fair bit but not that much in terms of amp brands and subs.



    i got a Orion HCCA 12 subby....now its massive. from a meter away it will f**k a pc monitor permanently. it asks 1200rms. dual 2 ohm voice coil.


    me needs an amp. and im having a whole shit load of trouble deciding or finding one. also havin trouble deciding wether to run it in series with both the vioce coils linked (so ill need a 4ohm input from mono block) or run it as seperate voice coils (so ill run two 2ohm inputs to the sub from a two channel amp) i can get any jbl amp thru work at a farkin good price. at moment im looking at a A302GTi and it should punch thru 300w a side into 2ohm...its underpowering the sub however...


    was lookin at these amps

    GTO1201.1 Sub Amp from the GTO range


    A302 GTi

    A1201GTi however this is only 1200rms into 2ohms...and its only a 1 channel so if i run it at 4 ohms into the sub in series it will only be like 600-700rms...


    i dunno what jbl amp to get. anyone had experience?

    anyone had experience with this type of sub? basically im after reccomendations from experience or help from people who know about this kind of shit. like whats the best configuration to go with?


    this is the site where i am lookin at the jbl's and can get any of the amps in any of the ranges at a decent price...so im abviosly biased towars jbls because i can get em cheap :D




    i kno its a massive post lol....ah well...go nuts. :blink:

  6. these pumps are designed to run at a full 14v current, a 180sx or silvia has a relay in the fuel pumps ground wiring that puts the stock pumps into a "cruise" mode that only supplies the pump with around 10v and then when u floor it, it opens up and u get something like 12.5v.


    so to all those installing them on their 180's or sils. i had one of these exact pumps on my sr 180. u need to bypass the stock ground and then re ground them yourself for them to work at full potential.


    when i first installed my walbro it was a litle differnce..and hardly made anynoise. them when i regraounded it, it made an even bigger performance difference and the pump became louder. more of a constant wirring noise whichconfirmed its now working at its full potential. ifany one stll doesnt understand pm me.


    just something i thought buyers should know.

  7. hey yealll.


    im trying to do my timing on my sr, 180, and i know to disconnect TPS and then start car and rev to 3000 or so a few times then let it settle...


    my car settles to about 2000rpm and wont go down any further. ive tried reving it to 5000rpm a few times and then lettle it settle....but everytime it doesnt settle to anything below about 2000rpm.


    mmm and i cant see shit obviosly when im using the gun and trying to see the markers....as its going too fast.


    have i done something wrong? missed something...

    if i leave the TPS connected and then check my timing then i can see exactly where it is and all the markers and its perfect. but i have been told from heaps of people and read that to properly change ur timing u need to disconnect TPS....


    im stuck... :unsure::blink:

  8. mmm lower pressure increases the ammount of tire on road....so ud think that havin em lower on front would give u more grip....but then again the steering feels mega ghey and sloppy when my fronts are low...so i never run low pressure.


    and backs...drag cars run *firetruck* all psi in rears to get more grip... but my car aint a drag car...so i run same as fronts...or what ever my tire manufacturer tells me to run....