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  1. opinions on tein coilovers??

    wot are koni coilovers like? sorry to hijack ur post...heh
  2. jack n tools? wouldnt explain loss of power tho....
  3. Lifters

    im gonna try that oil flush sh*t sooon what oil do u use rollin?
  4. Lifters

    my car makes the exact same noise....no one can tell me what it is.... its loud on idle but i cant really hear it when accelerating.... it startes about 5 or ten mins after starting....and its really irregular ticking... i wanna kno what is it and how much to fix!!!! so its definetly lifters?
  5. Lifters

    wot sort of noise was it???
  6. Blown Turbo?

    yeh i wouldnt have thought a turbo blowing will make ur car run like that....my turbo blew and the engine ran fine....just no boost....(so not really fine...)but u no what i mean. forgies
  7. Blown Turbo?

    i would think your turbo has blown and you have blown 2 maybe more piston rings.... and maybe a head gasket and/or manifold gasket.... oil burning is blue smoke aint it? or the white smoke...could that be oil combusting with the air/fuel?
  8. jumping idle

    timing?? checked it?
  9. Blown Turbo?

    oil on spark plugs...thats not good at all man.... sure they arnt just black from richness? or they dripping oil? i cant diagnose the prob as im not sure and dont wanna give bad advice but im sure someone on here will jump in and explain...but ive always thought oil in ur cylinders was not good.... brownbrowneye38105.7334606481
  10. whats double black paint job? and how many litres to paint a 180sx??? outside panels only....no engine bay....?
  11. Quality air filter?

    u prob wont notice a diff btween 30 dollar one and a 250$ apexi one apart from the fact one mite bling bling a bit more... all the name brands are relitively thesame but i think there is a comparisson article floating round some where....
  12. gearbox drain plug?????

    and then id have to go buy another???
  13. gearbox drain plug?????

    mine wont come off....little f**ker....ive tried everything pm me if u have sugestions cause im f**kin stumped brownbrowneye38103.8223958333
  14. Can you high-flow a t25g to t28?

    hmmm. ive heard of running t28 internals inside the t25g housings and grinding the t25's housing out so they are biger and can accomodate the bigger wheels..... is that the infor u r after?
  15. difffernences? in terms of response and power on a sr20det with fuel sys, exhaust, power fc or similar comp.... i kno the td06 comes in a few configs....i was also wanting to know if anyone can tell me what sort of difference the 20g and 25g housings have? its the size of the....compress housing??? correct me if i am wrong thanks
  16. TIG welding...

    tig is heaps cleaner than mig... ive got a mate thats been doing welding for the last 3 years and he rekons tig is the hardest to master..... u can get a mig welder for like 300 - 600 bucks.... mates bought one and its pretty good...made an engine mount and a go cart frame with it....
  17. trust td06 20g or t517z

    yeh 2nd thaat....so clean.....so worked..... sweet thanks 4 help dude. time to start sourcing a t517z or full kit...
  18. trust td06 20g or t517z

    that sounds like fairly conservative boost.... what is the 517z rated at in terms of power output? and the td06 20g?? running .9bar and makeing 190rwkw on one particular turbo and then same car making same 190rwkw with another turbo but on say 1.5bar.....fair to say the first turbo is more efficient? but then again it may be running out of puff.... i am trying to get my head around this.... am i just way off in fairly land or is this a fair question to be wondering.... i aint after a drag car....at all...... i want something that i wont be pushin hard to get a figure of around 180 - 200 rwkw and so far ive been saving for 2530 a 2530 but recently ive been told allot of good things about these trust units and i can pick em up cheaper in a kit.... thanks for all help to those who have replied. and phunkymonkey you remember andrews 180? he had a tdo6 20g.....i never got around to having a ride.....darn it. brownbrowneye38096.7959375
  19. sr20 cefiro up and running

    why wouldnt u put an sr20 in it.....sr's rule nice one meggala
  20. screaching noise

    its your turbo f**ked. trust me. mine did this and now just read my signature to find out wot happened.... its the comp wheel hitting the housing...
  21. my ca drinks too much coolant

    do it ya self. will take u about 4 hrs....and will work out to cost 800 - 900 bucks cheaper....
  22. my ca drinks too much coolant

    leak.... or head gasket is really really f**ked....
  23. Standard 180 rear lights

    fellas, the outside lights light up when u put the foggies and parkers on, then when u hit the brakes, it all lights up....
  24. Oil

    what should i use on a 100,000km engine? 5w 50 seams too thin.....