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  1. Squeek Creak..

    so ur car still does it? the new 180?
  2. Can U show me 2 Take out the Turbo???

    yeh im writting an article for everyone now and those coper washers....hahaha f**king hell they caused us pain...we fished em out twice with a coathanger and then gave up trying to find it the 3rd time. if u drop it and cant get it you can go to ''repco" and get a pack of washers. u cant use the waterline washers on the oil line as they are different sizes. take the oil one that u didnt lose (hopefully not both ) and they will match it up. cost me 6.95 for a pack of assorted copper washers. and i used one. (u cant buy them single) ill have the article done by tommorow night. brownbrowneye38131.5328009259
  3. Squeek Creak..

    yeh im confident mine is not bushes. im going to go nuts with lube this arvo...hehe maybe ill try some good old kyjelly hahah cause the noise disapears when it rains and water gets all up in the car arches etc etc
  4. loud sucking noise

    does it happen to do it when u turn on ur air con? or even just heater or fan with out a/c? mine makes sucking/wirring when a/c is on. and when fan is on sounds like its sucking from engine bay....doesnt sound wrong tho. just a fan. that mite help. if its doing it internitantly it wont be your pod thats for sure. as that will do it everytime u boooooooost up.
  5. Squeek Creak..

    man i got bilsteins and i have similar noise. however when i push down hard and try make the nose of the car, or corner of car, ontop of wheel bounce it doesnt make any noise at all... im bedazzled. spose i should take it somewhere. oh and ive tried wd40. someone told me to spray that onto the struts and if it fexes it then it will only be temp but it will tell u if ur seals are f**ked or not. it did nothin to mine. and ive also been told by a tire and suspension fitting place that it may not infact be suspension, could be panels rubbing or dry bushes.... brownbrowneye38131.4025694444
  6. How much to recondition Turbo

    i was quoted 1100 to recondition and hiflo my stock t25g. however, ball bearing tubos are allot more expensive to recondition. sounds like your better off sourcing a brand new t28bb from homerrules for $1300....or thereabouts....depend on exchange rates etc etc....
  7. well me and my mate are 90% done takin my turbo off my sr20 180sx and ive felt the wheel and there is like 0.2mm play...there is like hardly any play.... and it was making a f**king loud screeching noise before and that led me to taking it off. we also noticed that two of the bolts that hook up to turbo to manifold where looser than a 2 buck hooker and it was flappin around as we shook the exhaust.... now could this have been making the noise? and not the turbo? ive been under the impression my turbo is f**ked cause when ever i boost it up this loud screechin startes and then getts louder and louder as boost rises. but i didnt feel any significant power loss, it boosted up fine to about 6psi then the sound started as load increased.... also as i went over bumps the screech got louder then softer as the bump progressed...if u get what i mean... any input welcome. sorry 4 long post. brownbrowneye38130.6514467593
  8. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    well we took the turbo off...it was f**ked. has a big gouge out of the compressor inlet where the fins have scraped (about 0.3mm deep) although it had dick all shaft play, we are guessing it was highly unbalanced and whp knows wot it was doing at 12,000rpm.... my car was not only leaking from exhaust to manifold gasket but also cylinder 4 was leaking.... everythings fixed, new gaksets, turbo is on and runnin SWEEEET! its running 9psi (stock) and feels great. mates did most of the work and i owe a massive thanks to them. they kno who they are just thought id let u people who replied know. all of your advice helped heaps. cheers again. brownbrowneye38130.6551736111
  9. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    yeh thanks for all ur help. we are hopefully going to finish taking it off tonite. and i very highly doubt ill find somewhere to look at it tommorow. so mnday it is. thanks for all ur help again fellas. and oneeighty yeah id be mighty pissed off if i did that
  10. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    whats end float??
  11. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    there is no apparent back and forth movement. only side to side...and its not much at all. and the smoke happens if i leave it at idle for 5 mins of something. but its not smoke as such...just white like condensation sh*t comming out about 30cm and then u cant see it. f**k...ill prob need TWO sets of gaskets...and that aint cheap at around 60 bucks.
  12. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    thanks omg. i think ill take both to a work shop just quickly and then just whack it back on and see how i go
  13. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    smart ass comments dont help man. it was running 12psi or round abouts... but i never really maxed it out in the rev range. yeh...i just wanna kno if a manifold leak would make a real loud progressive screaching noise as boost rose. im stumped. i thought the turbo wheel would be like a dick in a sock. im yet to check the exhaust wheel...will do that tommorw when i have time, however they run on the same shaft i think...so...hmm
  14. turbo issue - SUCCESS!!!

    yeh...hmm... ill prob just take the whoel lot off...ive gone this far now... and take the turbo somewhere get it checked out. cause there is oil all over the comp housing. so tahts another issue.
  15. Shiftin’ "crunch"

    where the heeell can i buy redline shock proof in VICTORIA?? pref southeastern suburbs but im willing to travel to get some....
  16. Boost gauge for 180

    on da roof . where ever u like dude.... where ever u can see it or like it. brownbrowneye38126.5810763889
  17. post the latest tunes!

    music section? this is a imports forum.
  18. How to take off rear wiper?

    dr_boost is on the same level....
  19. How to take off rear wiper?

    unbolt...there is a single bolt that goes thru the arm...(ther is a cover u need to flip open at the bottom end of the arm where it attaches to the car) upbolt and then just slide off (upwards) i had to put a bit of force into mine.... then u reach through the biggest hole u can find from the bottom and unscrew the motor....some u can fir a socket wrench into. and voila... its a bit of fidling around but its not hard.
  20. HICAS?

    jack the back of ur car up and do it yourself. u just need to bolt a bar inbetween your rear struts or there-abouts. i think u take something out aswell but i cant remember. cost $190 i think from JMS u can order one. but i have seen them cheaper. i think hommerrules has one for sale on his site for cheaper. just find him and pm him or look at his signature and go to the site. they are called hicas locking kits. a workshop should not charge anymore than an hours labour if they know what they are doing. its a piece of piss man....doooo it. hope this helps brownbrowneye38117.4172569444
  21. Trust power extreme 2 loudness ?

    trust power evolution 2 is loud??? wot esle?
  22. How to remove a rounded bolt

    weld another bolt head to it.....or weld a breaker bar to it... or drill teh f**ker
  23. Trust power extreme 2 loudness ?

    i like da loud exhausts. i wanna know too.
  24. ive got a 1991 180sx sr20det....what should i use...ive used mobile 1 since ive had it but i have heard that its not that good to use such a thin oil for an older car. the engine has done ~110,000.... and i have a ticking sound inside the engine that happens at ide and low rpm...i am fairly confident it is sticky lifters.... people say use a thicker oil to eliminate engine noise and for older engines....however thicker oil will be harder for the f**ked lifter to move wont it? so u see my delema....to go thick or thin??? what oil will be suited to an older engine? sorry for the repost but i cant seam to find exactly what im after..., im changing oil after uni today so i thought id post up before and see if anyone can help me, if not im just going to go and find a decent oil and try that. brownbrowneye38113.3756828704