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  1. good clutch for a reasonable price?

    www.horsepowerinabox.com heavy duty ceramic single plate or waht ever its called. 660 bucks.... or if u want hardcore...get a twin plate OS from hommer rules
  2. Lagging problems on CA18DET pulsar

    more boooost. u said it ur self.
  3. Squeaky Shock Absorbers HELP!

    it could be heaps of things. panels rubbing, any rubber on metal, dry bushes...i found out mine was my exhaust rubbing somehwere....and i though it was suspension problem jack ur front up and spray some wd-40 on the struts (pull back the plastic sh*t) and then take it for a drive. see if it still does it.... that should halp either determine or rule out ur suspension just a thought. brownbrowneye38141.914212963
  4. Leaking Turbo Gasket

    i did mine with a mate bout 3 weeks ago. took us 2 days of half assed working and some beer....hehe we actaully replaced whole turbs uleh but its basically same process excent ur not actually changing the turbs over. u feel me knockin? brownbrowneye38141.9090162037
  5. Boost vs. Power Question

    can u turn boost down with a engine bay bleed valve?
  6. hey yall. im lookin at this front bar and what should i look at to see what sort of quality it is? i dont have much knowledge in this area and so any insight would be helpfull at this stage... its apparenly a replica that someone made...its black... and its fairly stiff.... anyhelp appreciated, cheers matt.
  7. assesing quality of fiberglass frontbar

    yeah thanks guys i wanna go back and look at it tonite and check out the points youve all said. also...the bar is black what would this indicate? and i think there a some but not many fibres coming off some of the edges....hardly anytho....hmmm
  8. : fuel question

    none...fill it up. thats my rule.... u wont get more than about 30-60 kms at the most out of it. (it varies massivly from car to car ive seen) and last thing u wanna do is starve a turbo car of fuel...give it all it wants
  9. assesing quality of fiberglass frontbar

    come on...someone must know about fiberglass????
  10. assesing quality of fiberglass frontbar

    nah man its completely differnt to your stock bar. this bar is bare fiber glass.. no mounts. u need special screws and glue sh*t that a panel beaters use. and im no way gonna fit it myself.... heh
  11. assesing quality of fiberglass frontbar

    please???needs to be someone that can help me... what to look for? what determines that quality... whats a good thickness? brownbrowneye38141.0067013889
  12. removing gearknob

    spray wd40 up it. and if u dont need the f**ker anymore. just use a big ass monkey grip or some multi grips
  13. oilworld in dandenong...im going tommorow CHELTENHAM ? Oil World Contact Name: Andrew Phone: 03 9553 5450 Fax: 03 9532 0919 Address: 142 Herald Street CHELTENHAM, 3192, VIC Email: hoges@oilworld.com.au is redline mt90 worth it for 130 bucks?
  14. Idle problems and hesitating, Help!!

    but if its a vacuum leak wont it be doing it all the time? he said it does it "on occasion".... benny i rekon we check for leaks, change ur spark plugs (as currently they are 1.1mm) change your oil to something better and do your timing, and change your coolant temp sensor if u can find one. if its STILL running like bog we can take it from there... it could be heaps of problems but at least doing what i said above eliminates a few of them.
  15. Diff Bounce

    i got really hard bilsteins and my car does it occasionally. just rev more and they will spin more rather than bounce
  16. quick spool up question

    they are both ball bearing. the gt28 is dual bb im pretty sure... i dunno which would spool quicker. it would depend on mods to wont it?
  17. Viper Alarms - verdicts?

    im looking at a viper 550esp or 700esp...or 600esp. i dunno if viper alarms in general are good or not...anyone got one? or know if they are decent? cheers matt.
  18. Viper Alarms - verdicts?

    than ks fellas. ive sent u a pm s13viper and tuff180.
  19. Viper Alarms - verdicts?

    c-west is that good or bad experience?
  20. so whats involved with a FMIC?

    i dunno about the ecu and what to do there. but i do know that u should get a fuel pump. the stock ones are shiet. i just installed a walbro 500hp and my car has improved overall in terms of response, less hisitation on boost and off boost. and the boost does not start to drop off as early in the rev range. it feels like it can boost up more freely and willingly, if u can sort of understand. and if u r going to be putting 14psi through ur motor, i think just for the piece of mind that u have decent fuel pump sitting in the back its well worth it. let me kno how you go if i see u at uni man. brownbrowneye38134.4553935185
  21. A/F running rich???

    how do u make ur ride run rich? can u?
  22. it wont be thrust bearing thats for sure. and he said it doesnt do it on idle. just reach down to your exhaust manifold bolts that hold the turbo in place (obviosly when ur car is cold) and feel if any of the nuts are lose or just hanging there. thats how i knew it was my gasket leaking. then sure enough i took the gasket out and it had a big hole in the side that was lose. if u still cant pin point it, take it to a decent mechanics, and tell them the symptoms and say u think its gaskets. dont just rely on forums as phatt180 said, u need to be able to have the car infront of you to check stuff.
  23. you will find its common on sr20s to have your turbo shake loose on the manifold. mine was missing one bolt completely and the other was just loose sitting there about to fall off. and the others where not tight at all. thats how bad it got. i dont think it will be damageing anything atm, but prob best not to leave your turbo bouncing round on the manifold etc... i recently replaced my turbo and all the gaskets. it will take 2 or 3 days. you are the 4th person taht ive helped this week, and im writting an article on the process of replacing the stock turbo as you have to take the whole manifold/turbo/dupmpipe assembly off to replace the gaskets even if your not replacing the turbo. it wont have started all of a sudden, it will have been leaking for a while and then the gasket gets worse and worse and your bolts get looser and looser and then a clicking or buzzing will evolve. it will have started leakin way before it was audiable. this is if it is actaully your gasket...im confident from your descriptions etc that it is. but i could be wrong. ide have to see ur car or something.
  24. not nesssisarillly. i just did my gaskets and mine was making the same sound before hard. i clicking or buzzing when accelerating. but it didnt do it when in neutral. its because the engine is not under load.