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  1. clipse thats a f**kin cock head response, u w**ker mate. mods u should do something about that f**kin clown. sounds like he gunuinly doesnt know...and the only way to learn is to ask questions, dont bloody persecute him for that... people come here to learn about stuf and ask questions for technical advice on issues they dont know about not to get laughed in the face at. ffs. im sure there was a time when u didnt know the answer... mate the reson for a bigger gate is for when u have a large turbo that flows heaps, it will need a bigger release gate to pass off the gas or 'boost' that u dont want to go into your inlet manifold.... the stock turbo being the size it is does not need a gate or 'outlet' that big as it can not possibly flow enough to utilize it....so the stock one is perfect size, going bigger as sr180 said MAY yield some results however its not worth the cost as u would need to modify the internal gate, purchase a new manifold,and buy the bigger wasegate. thats my understanding of it anyway... brownbrowneye38154.5154398148

    having a rear strut brace and NOT a front strut brace ive heard will make ur car have adverse handling affects. im not sure what it will do exactly and if it would cause that.... some one like white-s13 mite be able to shed more light....
  3. hmm i minterested to know also.i got an sr20 and wanna run a z32 unit....
  4. Spark Plugs.. Platinum or Iridium

    just get some bosch super coppers.... i got about 3 pages of results when i searched for spark plugs dude
  5. Turbo Timer Looms

    i have a old hks turbo timer. my installer said it will plug into any s13. if u want it u can have it for like 50 bucks.... i took it out because i got an alarm installed and didnt really want it anymore.... i just sit in my car for 30-60 secs getting my sh*t together. ur in vic to. if u want to come try it out to make sure it works with ur car ur welcome to. just pm me and ill give ya my mobile no.
  6. FMIC Hks- Blitz- Trust ????

    i would go for a blitz LM. ive read heaps on coolers lately and thats the conclusion ive come to.... lowest pressure drop, build quality, ease of fitting, strength of the core etc etc.... other coolers id pick would be a trust vspl... or as white-s13 said, an arc, but for a tip top front mount arc, your looking at a bit of cash....
  7. if ur talkin electric....it will be lots. like 2000+ if ur talking pop up. like wot 180's came with stock....ur still lookin at ~1000
  8. do you have to run-in a new TURBO

    front right of ur motor. stand infront or ur car with bonnet open.... its like a round plastic/metal thing attached to the side of ur block up the front on the right side.... hard to explain. oh and thats assuming uve got an sr brownbrowneye38150.8203587963
  9. HKS supersound BOV-any good?

    just fiddle with the connecting rod between the valve and the spring....it will be tight as a motho. if its lose then dont buy it. simple. i doubt it will be leaking, those bovs are strong as, and simple design, not much can go wrong. brownbrowneye38149.5956712963
  10. HKS supersound BOV-any good?

    that the hks super bov. before the sequential and before the super sequential. i have that exact same bov. it sounds tuff as. its a real tight pssshhhhh.... and it has a moderatly tight spring, anything below about 3000 or if ur not boosting it hard it wont go off....i just get flutter. but if i push my car a bit harder or take it to full boost it goes off. its not overly loud, but obviosly louder than stock. its an atmo venting bov. however, u shouldnt have anyprobs on idle with it due to the fairly hard spring..... im happy with mine and id reccomend it. under ~2800rpm its like ur not running a bov. its just sealed up and u get flutter, then as soon as u start making real boost u get a psssssshhhhhh.
  11. bloody ricers.... hey man i think u can buy a seperate unit taht does ur g forces and stuff...like those g-meters that do your quatermile and stuff...that stick to ur windscreen....similar to that.
  12. melbourne garages

    hey does any one know of any reputable garages that do 180sx's/sr20det motor cars or just plain imported nissans or cars in melbourne. i am in the south eastern suburbs. im buying a 180sx and will be wanting to take it for a tune, new exhaust system and a few other little things done for a start. is it worth redoing the stock oil feed line from the engine to the turbo? i have heard it is very small and gets blocked easy but its a bitch to get to. cheers Matt.
  13. what boost??..?

    if i have a 1991 180sx sr20det and i do a large FMIC, bov, 3.5" exhaust from turbo back to a 4" tip, pod air filter...wot boost should i run? i know it runs 7psi standard. what should i boost it up to? whats the highest i can go up to...not that i want to go to the highest just i want to know rough limits of the original turbo....and how high i can boost it with these small mods. cheers matt.
  14. Funny Idle

    ditch the bov, get an safc, or put up with it.... brownbrowneye38147.5068287037
  15. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    ok so i checked timing again today following that proceedure that u showed me troe666. and it was bang on 15deg advance. and OMG when i first checked my timing it was past all the notches....it was not even on a notch...it was 2 notches past the last notch (if u can get that) i am taking my car to ICE this week. as i just installed a safc tonight. and ill get them to do a full diagnostic dyno tune up/ timing, and safc tune, plus probably whack a bleed valve in and set it to 9psi if every thing goes well. i think thats what i need to do now. get it dyno tuned...will tell me exactly whats going on. and im still stumped as to why i was running 11psi and now its gone to 7....hmmm brownbrowneye38145.9766550926
  16. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    nah when i first checked it it was set past the last marker..... im going to do it this arvo...see wots the problem brownbrowneye38145.5418287037
  17. found a pivot AFC

    i found this when i was working on my car and had the ecu out....ive had my car for 6 months and i just found it today. whats it good for? it says pivot airfuel conditioner and it has a dial from -10% to +10%....i know it modifies the signal from AFM to ecu to make the car run richer or leaner.... what can i do with it? is it good for anything? ive got a safc2 coming so ill prob just rip this out and sell it... sorr bout the pics...camera was being a *richard cranium*.
  18. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    thanks for all ur help dude. im going to get up early and do it tommorw. its wierd. i havnt touched anything else at all... and it just went to 7psi....i was always thinkin that its a bit wierd that my cars runnin 11psi with just a catback and pod and no other form of boost control.
  19. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    "race" engine i assume means rev? and i cant understand that picture of where the TPS is at all...ill look for it in moring. any description of where to tps is? i still want to know tho...why would my car have been runnning so fast and 11psi at 25deg and now that ive set it back it runs like sh*t? brownbrowneye38144.9989699074
  20. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    is there a big diff between 10 and 15?? in driving? why else would my car be running like sh*t after reducing the timing back to stock? and also would running such advanced timing make my boost go up? why would it have been running 11psi then drop back to 7psi from just changing the timing>?>> brownbrowneye38144.9654282407
  21. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    what damage can too low timing do? say if its set at 10 not 15.... im going to change it tommorow asap anyway....jsut wonderin. is it best to set my timing to 15deg btdc???? brownbrowneye38144.9666087963
  22. found a pivot AFC

    take it easy mate. i was on jap/english site....i just found out they where diff then. thanks. brownbrowneye38144.9667476852
  23. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    the first marker on a sr20det is -5 deg not 0? hmmm....i gotta check that then...i think we took the first marker as 0.... ok cheers that mite be it. also i should do timing when the car is at full operating temp yeah?
  24. found a pivot AFC

    nothing on the site man. and what will adjusting do to the performance of my car/or anything? just compensate for more boost? or bov? same deal as a SAFC? but the safc can do it in incriments?
  25. sr20-did timing...runs like bog...help...

    yep. and it still is. and it was before i did timing and car was running fine. i know it definetly was not the pivot thing as its been set on "normal" (ie- doing nothing) since i saw it.