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  1. hey i need to know which wire is gound going to my fuel pump on my 1991 180sx. how can i tell which one it is? there is about 7 wires going into a plug on the top of the where the fuel pump is, in the boot. i need to find the ground wire or someone needs to tell me! cheers matt.
  2. which wire is ground? *** URGENT ***

    sweeeet thaNKS dude. i gotta go home a dooo it
  3. which wire is ground? *** URGENT ***

    i kinda didnt want to take my whole cradle out... its a bitch to get fuel lines off and o ring back in right.
  4. which wire is ground? *** URGENT ***

    u have a 2L 180? thanks dude appreciate the reply
  5. My S14 is feeling sluggish

    do services urself so u know exactly what goes in and what comes out of ur car. and consider getting new fuel pump just 2 be safe, i kno iwould feel better
  6. which wire is ground? *** URGENT ***

    arrrgggg its noooo there.... thanks guys...need to keep looking!
  7. Fuel pump electronic regulator bypass..

    i need to know what color the ground wire is from the fuel pump...its a 1991 sr180sx ???
  8. hey im lookin at these flynn front pipe and dump pipes in one.... anyone got one? are they good? worth the money? i got a sr20...if that makes a diff.... anyone bought one? ecperiences? reccomendations? etc etc.... cheers
  9. Fuel pump electronic regulator bypass..

    *firetruck* i have a walbro....how do i do this? my car surges aswell!!! TELL ME!!!! what do i need to do?
  10. Rebuild or Swap motor

    spend 5k on a forged rebuild. least u know ur car is good for massive power. and will last.
  11. Flynn Dump/Front pipes....reccomend?

    indeed it is. mild steel - it will protect it better from rust etc etc... and for both it will help prevent all that heat coming up into ur engine bay. i would never install a dump pipe with out it. thats just me.
  12. engine maintanance

    1. follw instructions and use good brand 2. do a full coolant sys flush...just buy some shit from supercheap for like 9 bucks and flushthat shit out. itll take u like 30 minsof running the car withthe heater on. 3. what ever u feel is best 4. motul gear 300
  13. Spark plug gapping - what tool?

    the ground.... a brick.... i used a vice...and closed it slowely till the right gap was achieved. u will need one of those measuring things, the metal slides that are diff thicknesses. coppers are easy as piss to gap, its platinums and irrids that get a bit trickier.
  14. Diff Oil - Gearbox Oil

    i bought some motul gear300(i think it was called) fully synthetic gear box shiet from that autobarn sale we were at last week dude. it was the most expensive gboxoil motul make...so....should be good i hope... and gbox is anything around 75w 90....
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&categor y=55436&item=2482567219&rd=1 hmmm wondering how much for a rebuild or reco for all 4? mite make for a nice set of coiovers.... just wonderin...
  16. Flynn Dump/Front pipes....reccomend?

    ill be doing it by myself when i buy one. peice of absolute piss.
  17. Search doesn’t work - Reset ECU?

    i was told to disconnect ur bat and leave it over night or somesh*t
  18. ran my 180 on the dyno

    i made 120rwkw with just a sh*tty press bent cat back and pod and 8psi of boost.....and ive got a sr 180sx...so thats wierd. i was extatic with my results. and whites13 ive always been under the impression that t25g's havea steel compressor wheel, however the exhaust wheel is certainly ceramic. ive heard that from numerous mechanics aswell....hmmm. brownbrowneye38157.8151388889
  19. what ecu is for me?

  20. sounds like the same probs u get when u whack on a atmo bov...but i know thats not it cause u have no bov hmm i know u would have checked all the pipes and sh*t for leaks by now dave my car did this same sh*t when i had accidentally left one of the resirculating air pipes off the intake after the AFM. i just pluged it back in tighter and it was fine. maybe check where u have blocked up the stock bov...i dunno, uv prob checked there already.im just throwin round ideas. if its not o2 sensor it sounds like an open pipe somewhere... has the car lost any power? my mate was running mega rich and have slight idle probs, so we replaced the o2 sensor and coolant temp (think that was f**ked anyway) and fixed everything...ohyeah we replaced his AFM aswell..... and a while ago when i was fiddling with the stock bov and trying to make it atmo (yes im a w**ker, i was bored) i disconected the recirulating pipe that goes into the intake that comes from the bov (the plump back pipe) and it did EXACTLY those symptoms...ie- as soon as i let off the throttle it would drop to almost stalling and running mega rich...i was backfiring and all that. i didnt drive it long enought o get bad fuel consumption but i am certain i would have. hope it helps man, ill bet ur dying just to drive it properly...goodluck. brownbrowneye38157.5312731481
  21. Flynn Dump/Front pipes....reccomend?

    260 bucks dude. and do u supply em fukfite? why did u say "from me"?
  22. Flynn Dump/Front pipes....reccomend?

    they sit LOWER that the stock one? fark that then. can anyone else verify this? cause if so i dont want it....
  23. Monza BOV

    ive heard some work great and others work shiet and others just dont work at all. its a chance i wouldnt be willing to take.... brand name sh*t is proven to work time and time again and u usually get the quality u pay for. its not just brand name stuff....its stuff that works and is quality. Oggie - we are 'brand name snobs' are we? i agree with everyone elses replies on that one, im not even going to bother.
  24. fit it yourself.... if ur buyin a kit it will be easy....id even fit it for 150 if i was in nsw.
  25. wot car do u have? a manifold should improve tubo response and top end from ur stock turbo. ive heard of a few pple that have upgraded to a ssmanifold or something on a stock turbo, they rekon it hold boost to redline much better and stronger and the turbo spools a hell of a lot quicker. if ur after more power then there are plenty of other things ur shoudl consider before a monifold. for example, FMIC, computer...(piggyback like an SAFC or remap or chip etc etc) bigger AFM, fuel pump, injectors.... then possibly manifold....then/and a bigger turbo.... get a cooler, fuel pump and possibll injectors, then get a remap or chip and ull be laughing. fmic first off tho....definetly brownbrowneye38154.5295486111