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  1. 180sx after market LSD

    how do i find out man? how much does a 2way cost
  2. 180sx after market LSD

    are u sure? i didnt think so man....
  3. BEST aftermarket turbo for 2.0L 180sx

    wots an A/M ECU??? and when i corner hard i get this rattling like a tool box is in my back seat... wot could it be u rekon?
  4. BEST aftermarket turbo for 2.0L 180sx

    i am after streetable use. fast. noticably faster than the standard turbo. i have a 1991 180sx sr20det. no serious mods because ive only had it for 2 weeks.
  5. buying a 180sx

    hey all, i am buying a 180sx and would like a bit of help from those of you that dont mind. first off...whats the difference between the '91 2.0l 180sx and the later models ie: 92, 93,94,95,96 etc.. is there much defferences or are they pretty much the same models? also are there any prone problems i should look out for? like how do i know if its been over boosted or if the turbo is on its ways out? or if its just been thrashed full stop. i am going to buy a 2.0l 180 and i am looking at a few. one in particular is imported from japan with 61,000kms on teh clock...(more than likely wound back from around 100,000) and i am wondering wot to look for. cheers Matt.