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  1. Hey guys! Keep it short and sweet. If anyone is heading over to Syd from QLD(Brisbane) I need a pair of sideskirts and pods picked up and brought to Sydney. Will arrange payment for petrol. If you can do it please contact me on 0402 620 908 Thanks!! -Nick

    Thanks Spazo! Yep Mlx is maple! I thought all MLXs would be? here's a clip of the kit, let me know what you think

    Bought a Roland Td11 not too long ago. I like it heaps, awesome for quiet practise and convenient recordings. Now tossing up spending 2.5k on my car or similar on a Pansini Drum kit... they sound phenomenal.... But i have a feeling I can get just a good sound out of my Pearl MLX.. Thoughts anyone?
  4. I hate fags that are car whores. It's like a socialite climbing 5lut except a guy who makes "friends" with others to go for rides in their cars etc.
  5. Hey people, Currently looking into a turbo upgrade on an Sr20... Yes i've seen dyno sheets, done my research etc. But we all know it's just paperwork. SO who out there has a TD06 setup? Next question is, can anyone take me for a spin. I will give you money for petrol. If you want to help out contact me on 0402 620 908 Thanks in advance!!
  6. Currently working full time in accounting, studying part time. Hate the uni course. And have been doing accounting for 4 years. Currently 22. Thinking of making the move to something else, don't know what though. I'm a people person and i love my music. I play the drums and wouldn't mind teaching privately part time. But unsure what to do full time
  7. Soundwave Tix 2012

    Hey all as topic title states. I missed out on buying tix. So anyone thinking they won't need theirs? Not going to pay more than $180 for them, If i was going to do that I'd look on ebay. Contact me on 0402 620 908 Thanks!
  8. The Heavy Music Thread

    Got 2 Sevendust LP's: Home / Animosity. Home was just "Chug Chug" guitar riff all through out Brings back memories. Man! You HAVE to listen to these albums, Next, Alpha and Cold Day Memory. Seasons is also mad good balance of heavy and light. Cold Day Memory by far the most amazing. but the other two are just mad grumpy epic cds
  9. The Heavy Music Thread

    Any Sevendust or Eye Empire fans here?
  10. Currently trying to decide what to do. Been working full time as an accountant for 4 years while also studying part time for 4 years. Unsure if it's for me as my passion and love is in music whether it be performing or whatever. Unsure whether to find a decent paying full time job outside of accounting (as my wage here is shit anyway) and go to uni full time to finish next year. or continue with what i'm doing for another 2 years, then once I get my degree look into something else... It's soo hard to decide.. Anyone else in my position?
  11. Yep thus my theory that Highway Patrol are just cops who are HOONS themselves. Heard some bad stories about highway patrol, no respect what so ever for majority of highway patrol. Sure there are exceptions though.
  12. Honey Soy Chicken = EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey all, Just wanting to make a purchase off http://www.atlargemusicstore.com/ Anyone dealt with them before? Any issues etc? They're located in WA. Any help is greatly appreciated
  14. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with At large music store in Fremantle. I'm going to purchase something off the online store but want to make sure they're reliable etc. Please let me know asap
  15. Sevendust and Avenged Sevenfold In Australia!

    well I don't agree with u there man... I was going for sevendust