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  1. P plater restrictions

    Their reasons for some things make sense e.g. raising driver limit to match the other states.. but what i don't quite agree with is i'm still on my p's and just received this week a letter to say you can no longer use bluetooth if you are on your p's..? surely talking to someone via bluetooth which requires no picking up a phone etc. is no different to talking to a passenger in the car...?
  2. S13.4 Skidder / Time Attack whip

    sorry but i have to put my two cents in here. this used to be my car, when i bought it, it looked like rubbish. my boyfriend and I took the car apart, got rid of all the rust, broken front bar, had everything fixed on it, resprayed, decent wheels, decent kit. it was a great standard car see pics below.. i'm not complaining that when it goes to a new home it should stay how it was, but it is disheartning to see something you take off the road for so long and put alot of hard work into to return to a near original state only to have it ruined. *tears*. why is it that no one can appreciate a clean car for what it is..? enjoy your rice buckets..!
  3. clubbing overseas...

    the uk stuff isn't... but the paris and amsterdam ticket stuff i find 50% isn't in english... but thanx for the tips on q-dance
  4. clubbing overseas...

    Anyone know the best places to go for decent trance or hard dance etc in london/paris/amsterdam? Tried looking this stuff up but half of it's in other languages Any recommendations would be much appreciated!! *sare*
  5. s13

  6. Autosalon 2008

    yup..it is
  7. Photoshoot locations wanted!

    Love the spider at the bottom of the pic dan..is that jaz from the "car" team?!!
  8. Pet Pics

    this is miffy
  9. fibre glass strips?

    shhhhhhhhhhhh or i'll...harass you more at work
  10. fibre glass strips?

    lol.. no it's in the "really bad x 10 just b4 it gets better" stage
  11. trial fitted my front bar.. and cracked it not long after where would one find some small fibre glass strips to fix it? thanks, sarah
  12. respray.. help!

    lol, i thought u were being sarcastic when i showed u the pics! ok well i think i got enough places to try now... thanks everyone much appreciated ill give these a go
  13. respray.. help!

    did try one of the above who i waited for *writes down numbers for others* thanks guys
  14. respray.. help!

    lol he has tried too, we both have it's crazy!!! ill update my pic when it don't look like an unpainted POS!!