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  1. Price : $20 Condition : New Generic Nissan key shells - 3 pairs available. Comes in pairs for $20 Pickup Fairfield, NSW or I can easily post them to you for free. Does have slots for chips if necessary however don't need for most models. Im using these for my current 180sx as I got a normal metal cut key when i purchased it, wanted something looking more genuine.
  2. HID probelm....

    Ive been importing and installing HID kits for the past 2 yeas... found that s14 and s15 dont like cheap 35w kits.. ull have a flicker issue or something blowing a couple of months later. a good quality 35w wont have that issue, or use 55w kits 180's though dont have that issue but they use a different globe with relays.. cheaper relays work whenever they want
  3. Pod filter box

    i bought a high octane one and didnt suit me coz of my cooler piping and inlet piping being bent differently, did cut it to accomodate the bends but ended up snapping, going to atempt a DIY with aluminium/flexy metal
  4. pale blue s14 w/ meisters

    Didn't know hot4s mag is still going around. It died out ages ago
  5. 180sx headlight bulbs

    as promised pics of a 35w kit with all hid wiring in the pop up light got kits available for $60 each
  6. Car crushing

    Don't see how crushing a persons car will solve any issues. If that happened to me: 1. Ill be pissed they took my car, 2. Be even more pissed when they crush it, 3. End result would be to buy another shitter and go on a road rage From a Hoon to a criminal = crushing cars This whole car crushing is a fail. It's not going to solve shit
  7. 180sx headlight bulbs

    I put a set of 35w hids in a 180sx and we fit the ballast and wiring all within the pop up light. So no exposed wires, and no mounting the ballast around the inner bar or engine bay. I'll post up pics tonight
  8. 180sx headlight bulbs

    HIDs are illegal if the vehicle wasnt fitted to them as a factory option. Wereas LEDs are readily acceptable and not so deflectable. For your headlights the best option is to get some Phillips extra bright globes. If you decide to go for hids then you can adjust the lights from the screws on the side of light surrounds to aim the light more down. This will not cause ur light to go everywere but give you a good aim of the hid light to the road surface.
  9. Highway police

    Police cars marked as Highway Patrol cars that hide behind bushes etc are there to chase after the ones doing over the limit, generally a safe speed over the limit is 7kms before they come after you There are some occasions were a highway patrol would be set up out of site but also have a mobile stand which works like a speed camera, this will capture your speed and number plates as you drive past. For those in NSW going heading between Sydney and Victorian Border, they have started off with Safety Speed cameras which target speed and time between distances.. eg if im heading from sydney to melbourne and past the first saftey camera, they will time how fast i was going to the next saftey camera point.. this will determine the speed between the two points (a very european technique) I do alot of interstate driving down towards Wagga Wagga and have a sharp eyes to these coppers, hiding in spots like entries to the hwy from local towns, hiding behind tree's at rest areas, hiding within bushes in medium strips
  10. Lowering my car

    Coilovers is probably the best choice to go with, you have choice in raising and lowering your car, you can adjust dampening for stiffness or softness of the ride and avoids you spending money on recompressing springs when you need to go lower or higher Best value for money, all depends on the type you buy.
  11. Car Security System

    You don't chose your house according to your car needs? Obviously it is a need but when you are looking at buying or renting a property you first priority isn't how many car spots you have. Yes some people may have get that choice but many don't. Eg living with parents, or living in a house before you purchased the car. There is alot of factors I know because I've been afew them all, I have a garage but the mrs car sits in there because it's worth triple the price I paid for the s15.
  12. need asian help

    all depends on the rice you are using to cook.. my way using the rice cooker (taught by my mum); Basmati rice - made in pakistan put cup full of rice into rice cooker and cover with water for about 5-10mins drain water and refill with water until it covers over the rice.. not too much about 10-15mm i add a pinch of salt and afew drops of oil turn on the rice cooker while cooking stir through 2 - 3 times when it clicks off, stir through and let it settle for afew mins before serving microwave rice cooking is too bogan!! lol
  13. least its not painted green with big chrome wheels? haha dont like my old style.. or dont game enought to try something different?
  14. N.S Theif

    if i was scammed and i knew were the f**ker lived.. i would of drove down and beaten the shit out of him already