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  1. Spotted Nick's AMG this morning in Traffic with me down Fuallarton Road Also pewter S15 yesty in the black of wood
  2. simple rego/interstate Q

    Correct new ID inspection is now new complex down at lonsdale near the RSPCA shelter.
  3. ^ ^ agreee. we did irt through william angliss institute of TAFE 03 9606 2111 through work. They came out to the workplace took like 90mins.
  4. External HDD repairs

    try www.abcpchelp.com and click the contact us with the probs. Recovery etc etc from $20-50. dont charge if cant fix. BB
  5. Photo of your ride

    boys car left 32 my car right s15. lookn pretty daggy just finished waxing and polishing the cars...
  6. ^ ^ Agree, i only went third party for my S13 when I had her...wasnt worth full comp...
  7. Mechanics at the southern suburs

    Agree ^ ^ everyone will always have differenct oppinions. ive never had a bad day at boostworx for over 5 years!
  8. Autosalon 2009

    ^^^^ Agreee, even the Osaka Auto Messe which was more of a trade show had a MAD selection of tuff street and tuned vehicles from all over the country.
  9. Think I'll walk home today...

    awwwwwwwww that really sux...hrmm i didnt see any flashes or signs on my travels **fingers crossed they wernt there at that time** i hate main rd with the 50....just that last bit where you wanna quickly sneak past the slow person to get in teh single lane haha
  10. braided lines in sa

    place on brighton rd near brighton that does them on the spot had the gtr done there, fair price also, comes with all certification as well
  11. *** free tyres***

    cheers guys, tyres all gone B
  12. I have random pairs of 17 inch tyres for someone to come up here and take them away, some have crap tread others are half decent. **THE WHOLE LOT TO BE TAKEN WILL NOT SEPERATE*** Cheers, B
  13. Blokes Expo

    was there setting up our stand this morning, some really good stuff popping up. There is heaps of different things there enough to keep ya selves occupied with daytona and race simulators Show starts 4pm today i believe!! bb
  14. left sooner than later> hope you both have a great time. And frankie, I hope you havn't forgotten your croatian see ya both when u get back.! R n B x
  15. Special thanks to my sexy E - BF

    lol Jap in feb again for 8 of us...Auto Messe is on in Osaka!! nice flowers B,