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  1. Hi , i have a Evo 7 Gta that i use as a daily driver and the occanisal track day ? any one now which kind off manifold i should go for ?
  2. Evo 7 gta turbo upgrade

    thats mate , i got a 8MR titanium , and the turbine shattered ? don't know how ? so i got a TDo5HR 10.5 16CG . i noticed i differnce in mid to top range ...
  3. Hi , I want to upgrade my evo 7 gta turbo to a 8mr turbo ? Will it fit direct bolt on or do I need other mods ? Any details on this turbo ? Specs ?
  4. Hey , I've got a an EVO 7 gta and was hoping to get some advice on my petrol millage . the GTA has a 40 litre Tank and i fill it up with premium. and only get about 280-300 km out of it . Is that normal ? Thanks ,
  5. EVO 7.5 GTA

    Hi , i have just bought a EVO GTA and we started to go on cruzers every know and then to the track once or twice a year and i was wondering if i need rear strut brace ??? i already have a front strut brace ? if so , should i go for a 2 point or 4 point ( is there any cutting or drilling required with these ) Thanks
  6. 2001 EVO VII

    Nice !!! i just purchased an Evo 7 GTA ... the AVO intake pipe ? was that for more power ? its the first ive seen one ?
  7. First Mod

    WOW, ill be a bit scared to run it that high ... Oh i thought it had the same turbo as the Evo 7 just a smaller housing ??? how much boost you think my turbo it's running on standard ? and also if i get a boost controller what will be a safe PSI to run it ? Thanks
  8. First Mod

    Hi i just purchased a Evo 7 GTA and im looking for my first performamce mod , the car has got a 3 inch full exhaust . any ideas ?
  9. cannot send PM's

    HI just wondering how to send a pm all there is on the lest hand side there is usually 3 bottons TOP, REPORT, PM currently there is only TOP & REPORT kindly assist rick
  10. Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps,

    Hi can you let me know the full price for fitting the fuel pump and regulator including the dynotune how much in total? Also would like to know if you guys dynotune unichips as i have one installed in my car Thanks Rick