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  1. My s13 that will be finished for the next drift practice.. and wat she used to be..
  2. was from barossa.. good lad!!! will be missed! RIP Jarrod.
  3. Nats Rb25 Silvia Build

    it will still have the flairs on it.... wont have the SSR's i sold them to a mate with a KE70.. haven't decided on wheels yet but will be 17's with lots of dish.
  4. Nats Rb25 Silvia Build

    My car has been in the build for a few months now so i thought i would show you how its going.. people from SA will probably remember the car from when it was out at mallala. The car used to run a Rb20 with a T3T4 turbo with external gate making around 215kw atw. The car has just been painted again in jet black but im still unsure of what body kit to run so will only decide once the wheels are on... It will now run a Rb25. I cant be bothered writing up all the work done on it right now but basically its been set up to run a pretty safe 300rwkw . There is a lot more going on with the car like a whole new suspension setup, a full weld in cage and lots of little bits and pieces.. hopefully it will be complete around the end of Feb.. anyway thought you people might wanna have a squiz... cheers nat
  5. DriftSquids SONVIA!

    love ya skid mate.... not long now and you will have me to compete with!! Paid for the motor yesterday!!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has imported through these people? Any info on them would be greatly appreciated! Nat
  7. Dont know when i finish.... i gotta work late tonight!!!
  8. yeah its ok.... im going to give G1 a try just for some more practice...
  9. ill be out mallala for g1 feel free too come have a look.
  10. yeah man thats my car..... ill organise some better pics if you like.