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  1. Price : $2,000 Condition : Used Selling: TD136 meisters with 80% tread KUMHO street performance tyres Specs: 18x9.5+22 (10cm DISH) with 225/40r18 tyres 18x10.5+25 (12 cm DISH) with 235/40/r18 tyres all tyres have 90% tread with no camber wear tyres alone cost $800 Condition: rims are like new with no scuffs tyres are 80% tread Price $2000 firm OR Swaps for work XT7 rims in 18x9.5" wide ONLY with tyres OR Cst hyper boys zero in 18x9.5" ONLY with tyres HOWEVER Open to other wheel options with tyres fitted (do not offer me rims without tyres) Located Blacktown WESTERN SYDNEY sorry for shitty photos...msg me and i can provide better photos will not post CONTACT me on 0430000117 dont pm here coz i rarely go on cheers
  2. IQON mix tape competition. Please vote for me!

    I do agree with you it's a favouratism contest. I have listened to some of the other mixes and not to critique the other dj's, lets just say there must be some really bad entries if some of these are top 10 material lol Thanks for your votes
  3. Ok fellow members. Just asking for 30 seconds of your time if you can vote for me in the iqon mix tape competition. Its a hardstyle music event and My mix has made top 10 and need your votes to win. Thanks in advance. My name is phil Farrugia and if you can vote for me hopefully ill get up!! Mixes are here for listening https://soundcloud.com/qdance/sets/iqon-mix-contest-finalists Vote page is here http://events.q-dance.com.au/iqon13mix_votingform/ Thanks again!!!
  4. things that annoy you

    The 7pm project. Jokes are not funny at all
  5. Not for the squeamish. YouTube vid somewhere but here is gif http://i.imgur.com/DrbHW.gif
  6. Mundine got knocked the fu(c)k out

    Kimbos fight was funny. His opponent with the titties almost dropped him also. The thing about mundine is he is so passionate about being aboriginal that his elders are embarrassed with his actions. He clearly lost yet he claims he was the dominant fighter.
  7. About time you made progress!! You must be ecstatic
  8. Number Plate

    Lidcombe station**
  9. things that annoy you

    People talking on the phone while driving.
  10. I don't know chasers but sounds like afm or piping leaks.
  11. I didn't think 80-82 was a concern.
  12. Thrust bearing. Rear main seal. General clean up pretty much. Also check for mounts if still ok and if you want, upgrade to a solid steering bush. Easy to change when motor is out.
  13. leaking sump

    If its leaking From the sump, drain oil and take it off. Clean off old gasket glue and reapply.
  14. SoundCloud - A music lover's dream repository?

    Ahh ok. Ableton seems too confusing for me. I use Logic and Cubase but Logic has so many great engineering tools and effects that make it good for me.
  15. SoundCloud - A music lover's dream repository?

    Buoy what program do you use to compose/produce?