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  1. fkn lol (jd posting btw) also to original poster, why wasnt this thought of before you did that mod. you cant just move something forward and expect that everything standard will fit like a glove as wpn said, go to a machinist or welders shop and get them to extend the shaft, best option available. and next time think before modding hahaha
  2. 4x4 Pics and vids

    that thing is a fkin beast
  3. Cricket

    Hopefully Clarke can get through the morning session then pile on the runs. Would be awesome to see him make 300.
  4. Fitters Roll Call!

    it would be all CAM anyway so you'd be fine.. did you buy it directly through mazak?
  5. Fitters Roll Call!

    Looks nice josh! I'm a qualified fitter turner. Work on a reasonably new twin spindle twin turret mori. Also another twin spindle twin turret mill turn lathe (index - German) If anybody has the latest amtil mag for November have a look, there is a feature article on my work in it..
  6. i like your car better with the bronze TE's degaldo
  7. There is the odd ca18det s13 that will show up on the forums with a few mods for abou tthat price.. dont know about it being roadworthy though.

    Spotted a ceffy much like kriss' round the westside. stickers on the back, low and 5 spoke dishies
  9. hahahh im surprised it lasted 3 replies to be honest
  10. hahha ^ you always deliver man
  11. Decent HID kit

    ebay links? lights in my car are fkin shit
  12. ^^ pretty sure caz said that load isnt put onto the studs. Great product Greg! An idea to keep these items open for other makes etc... Maybe sell spacer kits with seperate studs that people can get pressed in themselves?
  13. Work XD9's 17x9.5 +18 all round 45mm spacer front 60mm spacer rear