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  1. Price : $99 Condition : Used Hi, I have bought a few bits and pieces and no longer need them as I have sold the car. All items are brand new with retail packaging and have never been fitted on a car. Cusco Oil Catch Can - $80 Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator - $80 Apexi Pod filters X 2 - $90 each Walbro Fuel pump GSS342 255LPH - $85 Bosch 044 Fuel pump 300LPH - $120 Give me a ring or PM if you are interested.
  2. I need a remap- Eastern Suburbs

    typical words from someone from sydney
  3. Tiesto! COMING TO MELB

    fk yeah i am down!
  4. Traffic cop sought sex from P-plater

    lol ....this cant be good for our beloved knox tmu!!
  5. Second R35 GTR in Australia

    These arent available for road use right? Its only race rally import?
  6. 350Z purhcase

    well depends if your friends dad still wants the car... i say no harm in still purchasing it... i m guessing he just probably wanted to see if he could get a better price for it, which is understandable
  7. This is a story about a guy who gets a speeding fine and gets away scott free..its worth the read letteroftheyear.pdf
  8. Just got this

    blitz i-color ...trust m spec fmic .... hks fuel cut defender ... 2 X apexi pods thats about it ..... no no this is very low .. the cusco coil overs are as high as they can be in japan kits were designed to clear 85mm which is legal limit there thats why i dont really want to disclose how much i paid landed and complied
  9. Just wondering what the process is for not having your licence on you when asked by a police officer in Victoria? What are the penalties and what happens after you are caught without your licence on you?
  10. CT20A Turbo

    I am getting a Toyota aristo landed in about 1 month. They come with 2JZGTE engines and i am wondering what the specs of the turbo is. I am not 100% sure that it comes with this turbo and if anyone knows for sure what turbos these come with please let me know. Excuse my ignorance but doesnt an external gate hold boost better? or something.... correct me if i am wrong. Thanks guys
  11. Does any one know any specs on the CT20A?? I have tried searching google and i cant find much about them? If anyone knows i just need to know what size external wastegate fits this? Thanks
  12. Hmm i know this may not be relevant to this forum but .................... i am just wondering if anyone has put a getrag gearbox in a 97 aristo? also how much it costs and what it is involved? is it a complicated proccess? thanks
  13. Gearbox or clutch?!?!

    Gearbox maybe? u should check your gearbox oil and see what colour it is? if there is bits of metal in it then its ur gearbox