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  1. www.tshirthell.com This site has some awesome tshirts but I'm not really sure if it helps your situation.
  2. Stock 180sx seats

    I put R33 seats in my 180sx and like all skyline seats 3/4 bolts line up, S15 seats would be easier if you can get them.
  3. Isn't he in Perth now?
  4. Definately get ur old folks to take the blame, apealing in court is ur worst case scenario. You'll get ur lisence back but will get reemed in the process, and if u f**k up again u cant apeal again (which i think is bullshit, basically saying u have no rights). Not fun being on ur p's for 5/6 years, trust me.
  5. speed sensor is in the diff, so unless you change your diff gears it wont make any difference what bout if it is for s13/14? when the speed sensor is in the box? He said it doesn't suit S13/14s
  6. RIP I can't imagine how your life could be so bad your only option is suicide, but thats just me. Surely something in your brain snaps to make you want to die.
  7. Whats a good hatch back?

    That was my first thought...
  8. Cleaning a BBQ

    lol ill pay that +1 lol In the spirit of lame puns like camping
  9. 6.5" Splits

    Haha that wasn't aimed at you... I got mine from the US on ebay (before our dollar dropped). Probably easier to pm TAARK if he has them. Here is the link for the ones on ebay if u need it. I havent put them in yet but they seem pretty well made and were delivered pretty quick. http://search.stores.ebay.com/Speaker-Adap...6858086QQsofpZ0
  10. lol u would think so! Loz should put it right in the middle of the page size 80 font so people cant miss it!
  11. engines

    SRs won't make an 'easy' 300rwkw, will most likely be laggy as all f**k. Also, what car are you planning to put it in? For example putting an rb25det in a NA R33 probably wouldn't be much of an issue whereas trying to jam one in ur daily excel probably would be. Should be a fair bit of info on this site though if u have a search.
  12. Lol any particular reason she punched the cluster?
  13. Hahaha why not? I wonder how unbearable it would be to replace the coils and shocks with a piece of solid steel.
  14. cheap coilovers

    ISCs are a pretty good bang for ur buck but I'm sure people will tell you to get Jap ones and do it properly etc. Why do you want coilovers? Have you considered a decent spring + shock setup? Might be a bit cheaper and will be more comfortable if its ur daily. Either way u need more details like budget, what ur using ur car for, etc.
  15. Pioneer Speakers

    Have you tried looking in shops, or if ur after 2nd hand ones, the for sale section? I don't think your going to get many responses, especially if with the amount of detail in the post.
  16. How many speeding tickets?

    How can that be all 'back in the day' if you are only 23? its not like you can lose your license 8 times in 2yrs... i didnt even know it was possible to lose a license 8 times between the age of 18 and 23. I cant beleive they keep giving it back to you. (no offence) Lol how do u lose ur license 8 times in 5 years including one time for 18 months??
  17. Please Delete this Post !

    Ok what is flutter due to then? From my understanding its a pressure wave bouncing between the throttle body and the turbo, so wouldn't that be considered a form of compressor surge?
  18. NOS

    Thats nothing, i put a nos kit on my car and I did a 1sec 1/4 mile with continuous wheel spin.... you think thats good i did a .5 second run on the two back wheels in my sr20det powered s13 Kudos to you, I just whispered the word NOS in my other car and I gained 5000 killer wasps...
  19. Haha this is still going! Amusing thread though.
  20. Online Poker

    I comprendo I not comprendo ps= pokerstars ub= ultimate bet (I think) ft= full tilt Different poker sites
  21. Online Poker

    Found this pretty good site if anyone wants to learn how to play online poker well pokerstrategy.com They give u a heap of articles to read and if u pass a 20 question quiz u get a free $50 backroll at one of about 10 poker sites + $100 bonus if u deposit as well or something like that. Takes a bit more time than other freeroll sites but u get more. I'm giving it a go but I couldn't do it for a living, too much risk and I don't have the patience.
  22. Tunes 100 cars a day??? I bet he has like 4 dicks as well, that guy is super human.
  23. NOS

    Thats nothing, i put a nos kit on my car and I did a 1sec 1/4 mile with continuous wheel spin....
  24. Hahahahahaha Ur mate Skip is so coooool, which makes you coool coz u know him! I wish i was the best at everything like him.