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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 139876 Price : $6,700 Condition : Used Selling my r32, looking for a quick sale, its pretty much stock standard besides 3' turbo back exhuast, t28 bb turbo and pod filter. Runs 7psi and wont need anything for RWC.
  2. Price : $300 Condition : Used Selling: WHITE-LINE SWAY BAR FRONT AND BACK - very good condition pick up preferred. $150 each SPITFIRE COIL PACKS TO SUIT SERIES 2 RB25-DET - very good condition $300 R33 SERIES 1 FRONT GAURDS - maroon color will include indicators $150 for both R33 SERIES 1 DOOR CARDS - okay condition $100 for both Contact: 0409 079 070

    what clutch you running on this mate?
  4. I have an internal gate version and eBay split dump pipe. Went to the dyno last night, still got some issues. I think the flex in my front pipe is causing some back pressure problems. Hoping I can get on a dyno before Monday again so I can see what a bit of 3" pipe does for me. With a 0.8bar actuator the turbo is still boosting up to 20psi but the back pressure may be effecting this a bit. I made 240hp @ 6500 with only 4-5degrees ignition advance, this back pressure is killing my ability to make power! (The dyno is also known to be very conservative) If these turbos are the same as trust turbos and identical in the way the wastegate flap is designed then you could have problems with the wastegate flap fouling that split dump pipe seperator... you will have erratic boost control. look into it THIS, happened to a mate with his 3071r, wastegate fouling on the split dump and causing epic back pressure. car wouldnt exceed 214kw (rb20). we used a die grinder to open up the hole (much better to just invest in a bellmouth dump) and car made a smooth 270kwatw
  5. LENSO D1R'S

    my 18X10 d1r's weigh 10.5kg
  6. front mounts are legal as long as its your only induction mod. not with the hole cut out in the battery tray

    what clutch were u running on this car?
  8. Baby seats in silvia

    where can you actually buy them from??
  9. My fitment, still needs proper allignment and lower on the front. Rota grid r 17x9 +12(215/40) 18x10 +15(225/40)
  10. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    This things awesome, definately stick with it. keep up the good work.
  11. FJ20ET s12 gazelle hatch. zzzzZZZZONNNKKEEDD

    looking good, should look killa once finished.
  12. My passion!

    yeh i knoe there easy to find but dont really wanna spend $300 for them.
  13. My passion!

    sell me your rear pods lol, you gonna make winton july practice?
  14. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    that looks fukn insane, keep it up.
  15. S13 HIT AND RUN build

    can i see this new td05s for $800??