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  1. Best shoes for lifting?

    I have a pair of Adidas TKD's that I use when squatting/deadlifting(in gym), no padding in the sole, pretty much a slipper. I train at home nowadays and tend to barefoot most of the time too slack to put on shoes.. slip off the plugga's and away I go.

    Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone has any Olympic 20kg plates for sale on the Gold Coast. or where the best place to get them is. PM please cheers Clarky

    Use BIO OIL - avail at good chemists.. this will help to minimise them and prevent more in the future.. used this on my partner when she was Pregnant and she got really big with not one stretchy. there isn't really too much that you can do, I've got them in my armpit at the insertion point front and rear. but they are pretty well hidden. disposition to them varies from person to person. they will settle down abit, but they won't disappear
  4. I'm interested in getting some Multi's and some Mag. let me know when you're ready to make it happen cheers Matty
  5. rest it on your rear delts (assuming you have some ) should be fine.. I have never used a Bar Pad, tried a Manta Ray but it made it uncomfortable, and that's included doing 180kg for nice deep reps and speed day with 130kg where the bar does hop on my shoulders abit. just give yourself some time to get used to it and wear a T'shirt.
  6. Occupiers of space.

    I apologise in advance for any space I currently and will occupy in the future. Work Hard, reap the rewards
  7. growing out of my shirts :(

    It' s a good thing.. Glad that you are getting great results.. I'm in a similar Boat, floating in between 90-100kg all year round now. yes that's alot of float.. but when you take time off you drop down from 98kg pretty quickly. getting hard to find good clothes to fit my squatters bum and my wide shoulders, there are so many shops that i don't even bother with anymore. and the ones that i can get good clothes from I have to get altered so they suit my V'taper. If you are strict with it and work hard, you will always make good steady gains and keep the body fat levels down. I love this Forum.
  8. Injuries

    my only injury that is affecting my lifting is my shoulder. which I popped out very early in my training. I gave the upper body a rest oly training what I could without pain. and really hammered the leg training.. having to do frontal squats because I lacked the range of motion for a period or 4 weeks. eventually began training it again, starting light and consistently adding weight back on, have managed to pretty much all the movement back. and the strength pretty much lineball with the opposing shoulder. still occasionally gives me pain, but I'm pretty well happy with it. Stopping training was the last thing on my mind, as if being injured isn't enough to drag your attitude down.. stopping training can't help.
  9. what shape are you after?

    he's a Big man, I'm more partial to a distinct X-frame.
  10. Quick question

    YES.. in theory, but randoms with little understanding see you fighting sticking points and then feel that "safety" mech. kick in so they grab it. I found that guys I was training were able to lift more, when you seemed to be taking the weight.. but weren't, all I was doing was creating the illusion.
  11. Triceps

    damn I missed this Forum.. almost 6 mths off while I've been moving around etc. 90kg would be a happy weight for alot of the forum members to sit at.. some of us aspire for more.. My goals for the year have been slowed due to time off the gym, but I'm back on the wagon and bustin' it hard to get back on track Yes I like Blondes, I've got mine, and we've got a baby on the way. No I'm not intimidated by women that lift.. I encourage it.
  12. Triceps

    when I train my Tri's I do a few different movements.. CG Bench Skull Crushers, Pull downs various grips O'head extensions alternate in french Press, 45 deg. tri extensions, dips I found that doing Skull Crushers with a heavy d'bell lasted for about a month, then I was using over 50kg. (most commercial gyms) so now I pre fatigue the muscle before them. what M&m has said rings true in my ears.. re. 140kg Bench/40kg skull crushers
  13. Daily Grind

    I'm a slacker at the moment.. ON call for Night Clubs.. working Fri 10pm - 430am Sat 10pm- 830am Pick up shifts all thru the week, very similar hours to that. Have been off training because of relocating to Sydney.. Just started going back
  14. eating and timing with gym

    eat 1hr before - 200g tune, rice crackers, banana + NO Xplode then protein shake immediately after, lge meal 30 mins after that.
  15. How do you barbell row?

    I do them with alot more control than that Ghostie, especially on the negative. ( use 100kg usually) Back bent to approx 70deg at the hip.. crouched sorta, then pull the bar into my belly button.. overhand wide grip or narrower underhand grip and really squeezing my shoulder blades together,