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  1. Where do u work

    Dual trade here (mind you they're very similar) Motor mechanic apprenticeship done after school, left that after getting my ticket. Worked in factory's as a supervisor for the next 10years then felt the urge to fabricate and fix shit so i did ( 4th year now ) an adult apprenticeship as a maintenance fitter/ machinist. Best move i ever made. The company i work for do stacks of fabricating aswell as the usual fitting stuff. We did a wind tunnel for Adelaide uni this year - will try and find my pics. Tooling and jigs for Holdens and alot of the other automotive factories. Hopefully heading in the mining direction next year, and looking at some of the photos so far
  2. "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze.
  3. Got a bright yellow Stag if ya still need a car. ( could do with some nice photos as im selling it ) cheers Dave
  4. My fabrication pics

    Impressive stuff, been looking at your work on SAU and only just realized theres a fab thread here. Real nice work, just starting myself to muck around on works ac/dc tig giving ally a crack. Baby steps and practice. Again sweet work.
  5. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    No bs, we just bought one at work for a job we did. Not a bad little unit. hope link works, we got ours for $990 http://www.machines4u.com.au/view/advert/CIGWELD-Transmig-175i-Portable-Inverter-MIG-WELDER/17653/ The only thing that would make this a great all in one - would be a plasma cutter!
  6. Facebook

    Just remembered this, all sorted now. Douchebag buried himself. cheers for your help(?)
  7. Haunted/Freaky Places in Adelaide

    Yeah thats basically all i was doing. Just got to watch out as you get closer to the buildings as they leave the kiln's on 24/7 and there are people there to monitor them and the odd rent a cop. Some pretty funky machines an shit in there
  8. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    I'm guessing you didnt see the dust clouds as they were falling. Thousands of tonnes of dust in the air.
  9. Haunted/Freaky Places in Adelaide

    Nothing to see in the quarry's but make sure its a full moon ( for lighting ) cause there is some f**king big holes to fall into. There are heaps of entry points, in some sections no fence at all! My missus has a horse nearby and i took the kids to have a look at some of the open cut sections.
  10. Facebook

    I'm pretty sure me old boy has said that a few times
  11. Facebook

    You lost me at everthing after lol
  12. Facebook

    Hey Guys, cheers for the replies - i originally posted from my phone, so i'll explain a bit more. My mother has a random posting on her fb every couple of months, same details but the photo and the name changes, not the nicest of posts either. Now i have a person in mind who i think it could be and i know his address but i would like to be able to make sure. Again i dont know if this can be done. I'm not chasing him to retaliate just more to go "see i found out it was you". thanks again
  13. Facebook

    Hey. Just want mum know if there is a way of finding a rough location of someone who has posted on your wall. Down to a suburb would be great. Not doing this for any violent reasons . Just need a suburb. Pm if you want or for phone number. Delete if this is illegal. Cheers
  14. You got to love Adelaide and its Redback population. Used to love going into the shed on a stinking hot day to find all the spiders out in the open because its to effing hot to hide, whip out a can of crc and a lighter and go nuts. I've got a hunstman that lives on the Stagea, he only seems to come out when im driving, i think he thinks hes a dog trying to catch the breeze.

    do you mean -Pickling paste - for cleaning stainless welds? If so yeah that shits nasty, burns like shit but the fumes, even Charlie Sheen would have trouble staying upright with a big wiff of that. If you didnt mean Pickling paste, then ignore the above.