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  1. Selling my brand new Apexi Power FC to suit R34 GTR, this is new in box. Non D Jetro model, comes with Handcontroller, stickers, ECU, instructions, Apexi certificate of authenticity, mounting pads and whatever else comes new in the box. Sold my GTR and don't need this anymore. $800 Sheldon Gold Coast
  2. Brand new Turbosmart 1200 Fuel pressure reg. Black, in box with CD, sticker, mounting bracket and bolts. Has provisions for a 1/8 Fuel Gauge $270 Sheldon Gold Coast
  3. Selling brand new pair of Z32 Air flow meters, these are brand new genuine Bosch items and come with new Tomei plugs to suit. $300each Ono Sheldon Gold Coast
  4. Brand new Walbro E85 500hp Intank fuel pump kit. This was bought for my BNR34 but never got used. $200 Having trouble uploading photos on phone, will upload once I get to my computer. Sheldon Gold Coast
  5. Bosch E85 EV14 1000CC new injectors $650

    Brand new set of x6 Bosch E85 EV14 1000cc short injectors, these come with plugs/adaptors and new filter baskets to make them fit 3/4 11mm rails. Everything is brand new in boxes. These are a high impedance item. I need larger ones so these are no good. Having issues uploading photos on my phone, will edit the add when I get to my computer. I can mms for the mean time. Sheldon Gold Coast
  6. Maths Problem

    Ok i have no idea what you mean. i did what is says and it is some ginormous figure my brain doesnt comprehend with
  7. Giving people the little finger

    Haha karl suck it up. Id be scared too if carter came running at me, mind you he is a big cuddly bear that could only hurt you by hugging you too hard. Sheldon

    hi i want a set of 17x10 +15 in satan black with the red lip, can you organize a set posted to 4218 QLD. give me a call on Sheldon 0450313126. Will be paying by credit card, let me know asap
  9. remake of 300

    Not working
  10. links/vids of STREETER drifting

    Ohh ok, i knew it was one of you. Is a sick video either way. Yeah post up the links to the videos of you and streeter
  11. links/vids of STREETER drifting

    I have a video of go1jra that was on youtube but has since been taken off. Its him going for a slide in the wet and then being chased by cops. Its a sick video as he is trying so hard to get traction in the wet.
  12. police decals

    I had blue and red strobe lights in my previous car, they were in the headlights and at night when you turn them on it lights up the whole road and people get the hell out of your way, lol. Was good fun, also good at scaring the shit out of your mates when they go out for a slide
  13. 350z black on white.

    69 Dam it i missed it by a minute. 70