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  1. My 180sx

    Hey mate, saw this car in the car park in that exact spot a while ago, could've been the same day you took the photo . Anyways it looked awesome, mine kinda looks similar so I may be a little biased Good luck with it.
  2. Primal Garage - 180SX

    The suspense is killing me !!! You still going for the same colour you had planned originally? Anyways looking good, can't wait to see some pics of it all back together and painted.
  3. Primal Garage - 180SX

    No probs Neil, More than happy to see them end up on a car like yours can't wait to see some pics of your car once its all back together again in the new colour!
  4. theVman's 180sx

    haha, yep that would have been me and yeah there is definitely no mistaking those shops . I live in Mudgee as well, so just let me know when you want to meet up. I really want to lower the front more, but my exhaust is stopping me at the moment. Have to get a new front pipe as it hangs too low, already has a massive hole in it too.
  5. theVman's 180sx

    The caps I have for them say Work Rezax, they are similar to the Work VS-XX. At the moment I am not running any spacers, but the rear guards are flared a little, so some spacers on the rear would look pretty good.
  6. theVman's 180sx

    Since then I have bought a few bits and pieces and done a few mods along the way. Like alot of s13s back then the car was originally auto, but did the manual conversion as soon as I had all the parts together. The current specs are: Engine: Standard ca18det, standard T25 running standard boost for now Exhaust: turbo back 2.5inch system Suspension: ISC N1 Coilovers, ISC rear camber arms Wheels/Brakes: 5 stud conversion, standard rear brakes, R33 non turbo twin piston front, 18x8 and 18x9 Work Rezaxs Modifications: Nistune ECU, GTR 440cc injectors, Hybrid FMIC Stereo Audio / Visual: Removed stereo and speakers, has boost, oil & water gauges Estimated Power: not much more over stock I reckon (100 rwKW??) Plans: Walbro intank pump for now, maybe feed to a surge tank and an 044 later on. Upgrade turbo to GT2560R (T28) or GT2860RS (Disco Potato) running around 15 PSI, fit RB20 AFM and retune. Hope to get around 180rwKW which is probably a decent power figure for a beginner Almost forgot some recent pics !
  7. theVman's 180sx

    I've had this car for a couple of years now as my daily driver. It now sits in the garage most of the time and hopefully with a few more mods can make it to the track for some drift practice days. One of the pics below is of the car when I first bought it. The first thing I did was get a set of ISC N1 coilovers and a URAS N+ aero front bar (Kouki style). Looking back at the pictures, I reckon I could have gone offroad it was that high!
  8. I had to swap mine over a fews weeks ago and the second hand MC I bought turned out to be a dud as well. I ended up just getting another second hand one which turned out ok. Did you bleed the master cylinder on a bench before fitting it, as you may have seen signs of a leak at that stage? Did you have a quick look at the brake booster while the MC was off, is there anyway that fluid could have gotten into it and is now leaking out? (bit of a long shot)
  9. Did you swap with a brand new replacement cylinder or just another second hand one?
  10. what front bar is it?

    The bar you are after is made by ings+1 here is a quick link to a website to see more pics http://www.mynismo.com/images/?id=6711
  11. Definitely sounds like your alternator. Maybe not quite dead but pretty close. When mine went, exactly the same issues, first the electrics were playing up and the engine was miss firing on the way home, and then the car died and wouldn't start. If you have a service manual for your car it will probably give you some tests that you can do on the alternator to find out if it is faulty or not.
  12. This car is starting to look really good. I love the wheels it has got now. I am guessing you had to get most of your parts in from japan, maybe even off the yahoo auctions. Definitely keep the updates coming, as I am keen to see this thing finished and all painted up.
  13. That is seriously hot!, I love the wheels and the fitment is perfect too.
  14. to buy or not to buy?

    I think it would be pretty hard to find an Autech SR20 for sale and would probably be quite pricey, but definitely good power for an NA. greek0552, keep looking around as there are plenty of s13s out there, and a few good ones well under the price you mentioned. A friend just sold his tidy s13 CA18 NA with 80K kms on the clock for $5000. If you get a good one for a good price, you won't mind throwing some more money at half cut for it down the track when you can drive a turbo.
  15. my ca18det coils are shorting out...

    Make sure you haven't forgotten to connect the earth back up for the coil pack loom, its at the back of the coils. Also check that it isn't damaged as I had mine break when playing around with the coils.