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  1. Hey whats the best price on a Mspec intercooler for rb20 you can do? delivered to SA 5035 Thanks!
  2. offset question

    LOL just abit?? haha
  3. Wolf EMS site hacked.

    WTF is he trying to prove...Turkeys can hax sites =// (dont mean to be racist) damn people with to much time on their hands... w/e
  4. ^^^^ now thats one tough looking BLACK wheel!! love the glitter flakes
  5. Well thats cos your 180 is white lol...if it were black with those white wheels, that would be another story all together
  6. yaa black or any other similar dark colour
  7. Jun Supra

    hahaha that made my day
  8. r34 non turbo

    Everyone should just get of G.A's back...it was a simple confusion.... no need to show everyone you have an e-penis....
  9. Is this car Pimp

    ahah wouldnt mind it as a family car....got rear camber?
  10. *shakes head* thats insane
  11. yup..its all about the price They seriously look neat though
  12. Electronic Boost Controller

    Well he didnt say he has actually bought it yet...hence why hes asking lol?
  13. Random Fun

    LMAO @ the car and the penis ones.....africa thats worrying
  14. r34 non turbo

    ^^^^^ LOLOOLOL