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  1. what have you found in customers cars thread.

    years ago one of my mates had just bought himself a used commodore. A week or so later he was driving with his girlfriend, girlfriends dad, and young brother. Not sure why they had to get at the spare tyre but they stopped at a servo and his girlfriends old man helped him get the crap out of the boot. when they got to the spare tyre there was a plastic bag; inside was "the biggest f**kin dildo I have ever seen".
  2. I had the same issue; tried the wet grit sandpaper, plastic x etc and found that the best product out of all was just normal metal polish. Place some on polishing cloth and rub on your headlight; brand new again. However it does go back to the way it was over time. I've heard clear coating your headlights after doing this works but I haven't been bothered....
  3. speed cameras

    Are we sure about this cause I was sitting on about 110 on red P's over the weekend and didn't see a flash when I went past a highway patrol car. So not keen to lose my license again but not keen on travelling 3 hours each way doing 90kms an hour! highway patrols car's don't flash you; they'll pull you over and issue a ticket. I think he's referring to the mobile speed camera's on the ford territories.....
  4. s15 clutch options

    I got a ORC clutch and lightened flywheel from jesse Streeter a couple years back and it has been going great since. organic, rated to 230kw i think (i'm running approx 190-200 no probs), good pedal feel a little heavy but not too bad.
  5. Fogged up windscreen

    best way to get rid of it on the go is full heat on windscreen from vents and just crack both your driver and passenger windows a tiny bit so there is a little air coming in the car. Once it clears up it stays that way....
  6. Oil filter relocation kits

    don't want to hijack but I've recently purchased one of these from Midnight mods exactly the same as pictured above which I no longer need. Still brand new in packaging as was sent to me; $200 posted (syd). Contact me 0458737224
  7. DRIFT NIGHT (eastern creek wet skidpan)

    great night...new experience for a first timer..... had a few good runs; unfortunately one was ruined by some tool in a black commodore driving like an idiot.... only thing I can fault is that there were way more than 30 cars running.....which meant less track time.
  8. DRIFT NIGHT (eastern creek wet skidpan)

    Me Too, see you all there First time on the skidpan, if anyone would like to give me some pointers i'd appreciate it yep same for me....had my car 5 years and am only finally getting it onto the track for the first time
  9. DRIFT NIGHT (eastern creek wet skidpan)

    I just put payment through so I'll see you all there on sunday
  10. DRIFT NIGHT (eastern creek wet skidpan)

    Ok great that puts me back in for this then....... So just to be clear, to be able to drive on the night, all i need is: $120 non-member payment $25 one day CAMS licence thats it? If so I'll put payment through tomorrow
  11. DRIFT NIGHT (eastern creek wet skidpan)

    From the way it reads above I thought it was: $120 for non member + $25 cAMS (1 DAY) or $55 CAMS (1 year) not sure Why we have to pay a $120 membership fee when it says "we can issue you with a CAMS licence on the day" and "you can become a member on the day if you want to" It doesn't say the two are dependent on each other?
  12. Turbo app for iPhone

    Just bought it; good app but needs more blow off valve sounds, add a flutter sound etc etc
  13. Buying shoes to go with jeans...

    what is it these day's when all skanks like that ^^^^ think they are hot average at best
  14. Ok here's my recipe for an awesome marinade that works well on steaks, ribs, pretty much all meat except chicken: Add salt & pepper Add 1 onion diced Add 1 knob of garlic all cloves diced up Add 1-2 fresh chilli's 2-4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar juice of half lemon heaps of soy sauce A1 or H1 BBQ sauce (can't remember the name) Masterfoods BBQ sauce A little bit of brown sugar (tbl spoon) Leave it overnight at least. I normally put about a kilo of different meats in a large bowl, make up the marinade so it's covering all them meat and then eat it daily over about a week. The best thing is that each day it tastes even better! Works best with: T/bones, rumps etc! Lamb cutlets! Pork Ribs! enjoy!!