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  1. protein bars where to bulk buy cheap?

    chicken aisle of supermarket brah
  2. Best program for downloads.

    utorrent and use Demonoid.me or piratebay
  3. page 2 no pics?? ban? condolences .
  4. take my lollipop ;)

    not sure if trying to rhyme or just "coincidence"
  5. Post your Gym vids

    farrrk strong mate nice lift!!
  6. Post your Gym vids

    Well said dezz! +1 / agree ^ ^ el freako your ego alone could bench 300kg.
  7. spelling test

    i enjoyed it haha
  8. fapping hard to charlie the unicorn
  9. Training Information.

    lol this site is full of jealous emo's.
  10. Lower back hurst after squats

    WTF?! Did you think before you typed that? Before you arc up, just think about it... got me super confused to..
  11. almost at a 100 mate keep posting crap you'll get there
  12. Starcraft II

    im so sick of 4gating ive stopped doing it i go robo immortal build instead... its hard obviously but more fun/rewarding than going 4gate v 4gate.. blink stalkers are fun to!
  13. Diet not working too well

    hey mate i wanted to lose 6kg once and i did it in about 8weeks! i stopped drinking beer ate smaller meals more often ! try and avoid sauce's dressing's marinade's ect ect they are evil ! Don't skip Carbs they'r so important! if you cant eat plain oats with milk in the morning! turn it into porrige with skim milk! then eat chicken breast leafy greens beans ect ! What you put in is what you get mate! its a mental thing ! i find losing weight really easy !! oh and if your a snacker try roasted nuts!! (without the salt)
  14. Im after a new wallet

    Stick to your quicksilver shit, i buy quality stuff to hold my money