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  1. Make : NISSAN GT-R Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 112000 Price : $9,500 Condition : Used 1993 R32 GTR for sale $9500 112k km, 3 inch cat back 650cc injectors FMIC PODS Filters button clutch recently put in. deep dish steering wheel nismo dash 300km Gauges have been replaced with defi copies in middle gauge cluster Gauges on A Piller. Oil temp / boost Oil Filter Relocation Oil Cooler 4wd torque splitter controller S15 Wheels, 2 with good rubber, 2 meh Rego till Mid October in NSW Plates included in sale I bought this car a couple of months ago with a "blown head gasket" for more than im selling it for. Turned out that there is some minor scoring inside the bore on cylinder 4 and 5. I currently have it in bits so that any perspective buyer can assess it themselves. It will require it to be bored out a bit i think about 0.5mm. so will suit someone who is keen to build an engine in a R32 GTR. I already have another R32 GTR which just broke at wakefield so my loss is your gain. Id rather be honest about its issue than put it back together and pretend it doesn't have it. Included in the sale is brand NEW ARP head studs $400 Full rb26 GENUINE nissan complete engine gasket kit including head gasket $450 N1 Steel Wheel Turbo kit. $300 Car is located 3 hrs west of sydney. BUT to the right buyer i may be able to arrange delivery at a small cost but will need a deposit (i have my own car trailer). I am not after swaps. i need the money to fix upgrade my other GTR. as i said my loss is your gain. I was planning to build it as a track car myself. Lowballers expect to be ingnored, i know what its worth fixed up and it is a good deal. I am not desperate to sell, if i dont get the price i want ill borrow some money, fix it up then sell for profit. but sounds like alot of effort.
  2. Rota wheels a problem?

    Mate.. Ebay, buy . click pay ..... click... delivered.. no driving, no meeting potentially shady characters. no hassles.. thats the lure of it to me yeh, so you're paying for the service. although i'm not sure why you can't have the same service with 2nd hand wheels? Some people only want new gear. I'm of the same mind as you, but how many people have you met that would never buy a second hand car, even if it was 2 years old and looked new. I've met plenty. they're picky, but not picky enough to buy anything decent. Your getting me all wrong mate. I got nothing against second hand parts. More than half my mods are second hand. With this particular item when I was looking there were none second hand available. I would have definitely considered it but I was after something particular, decent offset cheap rims didn't care about brand. I like eBay because of PayPal payment insurance. (I have sent money to someone off ns.com before and took me a long time to get it back) and ever since the classifieds here got changed from forum style I don't even look at them my location in western NSW and I have the one of 2 s13's in the area (like 100x100km) . No parts market and a full day round trip to Sydney to pick up parts not worth it unless dirt cheap.
  3. Rota wheels a problem?

    Mate.. Ebay, buy . click pay ..... click... delivered.. no driving, no meeting potentially shady characters. no hassles.. thats the lure of it to me
  4. Rota wheels a problem?

    I do completely agree with this. I use them as skid rims... i wouldnt use them for grip, they should be cheaper
  5. Rota wheels a problem?

    I have been running Rota Grid's on my track for car for almost a year now. I have had 2 crack on me. Once of which Rota happily replaced under warranty. but lets clarifty BOTH CRACKS HAVE BEEN MY FAULT. and any other wheel would have buckled / cracked as well. This was during on / off track transitioning. At about $250 per wheel for drift rims with decent offset you cant go wrong. Good cheap rims that you can scratch without caring about.
  6. Hydraulic handbrake setup?

    because ken block Because drift car.. mine cost $100 to put in, i agree with dual calipers as mine is a bit weak.. will be one of my next mods why did you need it though? don't see the point with silvia rear calipers, you are still using the same caliper/pad/rotor.. if the handbrake doesn't work properly it sure isn't because it is connected to a cable You are completely right.. i dont "need" it.. technically i dont "need" my nice wheels But i wanted it like i wanted my wheels . It does work OK. and better than the original handbrake but its not to my liking with the stock caliper setup. The plan was always to change the rear setup anyway in due time which is still on my list of shit to do.. i had the hydro sitting there and was getting some other work done to my car so i just chucked it in anyway to see how it would go..and where i have mounted it (upright to the left of the gearknob at that height) is much more comfortable for me whilst drifting no harm done really
  7. Hydraulic handbrake setup?

    because ken block Because drift car.. mine cost $100 to put in, i agree with dual calipers as mine is a bit weak.. will be one of my next mods
  8. and here is how it sound on full throttle
  9. Here is how my one sounds with the jun cams on idle... straight through 3" no cat no mufflers
  10. I agree. I have a 2871R 0.86 on my blacktop non vct.. i ran with stock cams and then put 264/264 jun 11.5mm lift cams in and it made a huge difference to the feel mid / high range. On the dyno pulled 263.9kw on 20psi but we downed it to 255kw as i still have a stock block. but its also running 231kw on 15psi on a safe tune..Thats what i normally run it at when i drift
  11. How have you found these? Have you spent any time at the track? Also what tires specs are you running? Was also looking at these for my s13 but really want to know how they handle Sorry for late reply just saw this, Yup i have went through a couple of sets of tyres on the track. They seem good, nice and strong, i wouldnt put them on the front as they are quite heavy but perfect for skid rims IMO cant argue with price either Tyre specs i am running are cheapest second hand tyres i can find to burn through, they had 225, 35 17 on it at the time of pic taken
  12. 1996 Nissan 180sx - $2,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $2,500 Condition : Used S13 For Sale (Damaged $2500) S15 JDM engine and S15 loom customised for S13 and S15 ECU 78xxx km T28BB S14 Gearbox, S15 SMIC KYB lowered Suspension Stock Wheels, Interior Mostly complete but not put together. No front panels included. (no front bar, front fenders, lights bonnet) fuel system / Diff / Tailshaft etc all still there I bought it to put the running gear into different car, but i have changed my mind and sold the other car so it is not needed. Basically is a halfcut with a ton of extra's, but can be repaired if you want. comes with basically everything you would need to do it Damaged rear drivers quarter panel (car is not written off and can still be registered) Keen to get rid of it so priced to sell as i paid more for it and have added parts., $2500 or best offer, Located 300km west of sydney, Also i have my own car trailer and may consider delivering it at the price of fuel to sydney / newcastle. (about $150 should cover it)
  13. Track car under company name.

    The way the big wigs do is they create another completely different company (A family member of mine works in a well known profitable private company as an accountant and they have race cars) Lets use DickTicklers Pty. Ltd. as an example. Dick Ticklers is making a ton of money, Dick Ticklers Director creates another company called Dick Ticklers Motorsport Pty. ltd. Dick Ticklers Motorsport sends a $150,000 worth of invoices to Dick Ticklers which promptly pays this invoice + Applicable GST etc, Lets use a sponsorship/advertising invoice as an example for argument sake. Dick Ticklers now has a 15,000 GST credit and this invoice comes out of their profit loss thus helping to lower company tax(this was a services invoice). Dick Ticklers Motorsport now has to pay $15,000 GST But has $150,000 worth of cash in the bank, Dick Ticklers Motorsport goes out and buys a race car for $100,000 (Plant and Equipment) and spends 30k racing it (company operational Expenses), All the expenses are able to be claimed on GST as well as the car purchase, The plant and equipment (CAR) is able to be claimed under depreciation as well. Dick Ticklers Motorsport has a Net Profit of $5000 at the end of financial year and a gross turn over of $150,000 with 30k expenses and the company pays tax on the profit, As long as Dick Ticklers Motorsport NEVER loses any money on paper they will be fine and the risk of Audit is unlikely. If Dick Ticklers Motorsport runs out of money another invoice is generated to Dick Ticklers for Advertisement (which is on the car as a sponsor) and this comes out the companies profit.. and so the cycle continues, If a company is really profitable i do not see any real downside to this, and as i said this is how at least one of the big companies does it.
  14. 1992 Nissan 180sx - $3,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $3,000 Condition : Used For sale, 1992 Nissan 180sx, Rear end damage (pictured), Car is not listed as a write off and i have the previous rego papers (in case you did want to repair it and register it) I bought the car not long ago to take the engine/box/ecu/loom for my 180sx ute but have decided to take my current 180sx off the road as a dedicated drift car instead. so both are for sale. S15 JDM engine 80xxx km including turbo/manifolds. S14 Gearbox S15 Loom and JDM ECU customized to work with S13, all wiring etc, ignition. Includes Tailshaft and Diff. Lowered Springs. Stock S13 Wheels to be sold with it. Some bits of interior included but not all. there are front seats and most of the trim. No front end panels (as pictured) I bought the car as it a couple of months ago, except it was missing a few little things (air flow meter, intercooler piping) , i have got these and they are with the car now, and i added some wheels so its rolling now. Its basically a s13 half cut with a S15 engine and S14 gearbox now. everything mechanical is there. would be suitable for an engine conversion. I am after 3000 for it, which is what i got into it so i would like to break even. I am located 300km west of sydney, you are welcome to come get it. but I have my own car trailer and am willing to drive it anywhere within a day trip (sydney-newcastle etc) for about 100-150 (fuel for my tow car) Cheers Kam
  15. 1996 Nissan 180sx - $2,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $2,000 Condition : Used Hi For sale i have my 180sx Ute, The ute is a rolling shell and has about 200 hours of fabrication work in it, the conversion has been done very well as it allows room behind the seats unlike other conversions i have seen and is waterproof etc, This car was a write off (no chassis damage) and can never be registered. I bought this already converted but not complete at the start of the year but have decided instead to take my street registered 180sx off the road as a dedicated drift car and start on another different sort of car. . The rear window is off a 1981 ford panel van (window included) and the vehicle has a full roll cage from strut tower to strut tower including side bracing. The engine bay i painted white ready to fit your engine of choice. Located 300km west of Sydney BUT i have my own car trailer so if you need too i will deliver to Sydney-Newcastle or possibly somewhere else for $100-150 (the price of fuel for my Prado return with a trailer on it) 1996 180SX. NGK Coilovers all round in good condition including camber tops. Wheels 15" stock wheels rolling. Full welded in roll cage strut tower to strut tower (about 12 points) R33 GTR Dash with Monster Tacho and shift light Full Body Kit (veilside front, vertex side skirt and vertex rear bar) One side Skirt is cracked and needs repair) Body is complete and damage visible on drivers side rear quarter which has been beat out a bit, (my plan was to cover this with fibreglass over fenders and have a wide body which would be about $300) No Interior seats / trim etc, no boost controller (pictured). Car has been completely sanded down and undercoated, just spray on your colour and your good to go. Just add your engine and gearbox and a seat and its ready to race on the track. i would love to see this hit the drift circuit. $2000 pickup mudgee NSW or $2150 Delivered to your door if you live sydney central coast or newcastle or somewhere else which is a DAY trip from where i live. ALSO i have another S13 with a S15 engine/S14 gearbox with S15 ECU and loom customized for S13 which i bought has a doner car (rear end damage) i would sell for 3k. This will be going up as well today for sale. i may be able to work out a deal for both. Cheers Kam.