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  1. just another episode that brang up 100 new questions without answering much.... sawyer makes a good monkey
  2. Hi i cant update my password as my old email is now dead ... and cant update email without passwword... username this one.... RagE orig email: rage@slicerhq.com new email: nismo.s13@gmail.com thanks!
  3. thanks might try and get some stockies then if i cant scrounge up some coilover money.
  4. Pritty sure the shocks are fine ... at least they feel fine even when driving pritty hard. 16 in rims yes. Cant really go any bigger with the rubber as they almost scrub on the struts and guards as it is.
  5. Hi, Umm attached a pic of my car ... at that height it cant be stock springs can it? i can only fit 1 finger between the tyre and the top of the spring ... it still has the stock struts but after being defected this morning and stressing about how i am going to raise the car i seen a stock Q silvia and it looked like a 4WD compaired to mine so i thought i'd post a pic and see if any one agrees... Also if anyone knows a cheap way to raise a car 1 or 2 cm ... i'm only realy 1cm to low where the exhaust drops down after comming out of the engine bay that would be good. Suprised it took this long for me to get a defect on my car (had it 3 years) but it happened in a month where i just cant afford to buy coilovers, so i'm hoping i might be able to score some stock springs / struts (anyone have any?) and it will be as easy as that. Anyone if anyone has any ideas or opinions to offer id be greatful before i stress to much. Thanks, Justin
  6. Well same can be said for Sony ... they will be selling ps3 at a bigger loss as its really just a trojan horse blu ray DVD player ... if only the ATARI had a betamax player ....
  7. I wouldnt buy a PS3 simply becuase i think the design is crap ... and the controls ... ugh. 360 controlers are awsome. Yes i own an xbox, and no i probly wouldnt buy a ps2. Biggest thing the xbox has going for it is the modding community it shits over anything the ps2 has and i'll be using my xbox many years after i stop playing games on it (Xbox Media Center) 360 vs PS3 is to early to say what one is actualy better. The hardware specs on both are awsome now i guess its up to who gets the best software. I still think PS3 will out sell the 360 just because the gazillion people who own a ps2 and are happy with it will eventualy move to the ps3 unless the 360 brings out some amazing titles they dont yet have. Halo 3 on ps3 launch day would be a nice saving point for them
  8. Finaly got my kit fitted...

    Vertex all round
  9. Finaly got my kit fitted...

    hehe its not back ... midnight blue. Photos were in the evening in the shadows so it looks a bit darker than it does in full sun.
  10. Got my car back yesterday. It had been off the road for about 6 months so as you can imagine i'm pritty happy to finaly have it back and looking so good. I'll see if i have a 'before' pic but basicaly it had the front bar ripped off and the front pannels creased when my girlfriend took it on a trip over a median strip when a truck ran her off the road. So anyway just thought i'd share some pics
  11. ^^ hehe In your defence tho the crash wasnt your fault and you are a pritty good driver .... to top it off you helped me pay for the kit and getting it fitted ... so what more could i ask for?
  12. From what i have heard some of the bigger name jap kits in genuine form havnt fitted that great and needed work. Its the nature of after market bolt on aero parts tho ... nothing will ever fit and hold like the factory bar your removing. But the price differance between genuine and a local copy means you can afford a few hundred dollars in extra prep work no worries.
  13. S13 Spares

    i need a digital cluster and the indicators in the front bar but in relation to the question people seem to have good sucess selling parts on this site. Would probly get more from them too when you compare what a wrecker will buy the wreck for.
  14. Do you have any pics of the actual kits? Its very easy to say "you get what you pay for" and "fits well" when no one has purchased or seen your kits. And what is "V Style" is this a special magical style? or does the V stand for Vertex or Veilside or what??
  15. Greddy Type s BOV

    Tighten the BOV.... Mine did something similar when i first put it on ... would whistle for ages even when you jump back on the power. Just undo the lock nut and screw it in most of the way, then got for a drive and test it out and loosen / tighten from there.