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  1. Even if you don't have a flex sensor, if the car is tuned on United and you fill up with Eflex (E70 say), the car will just run a bit richer. Fine for street driving, but that extra richness will probably negate the effect of the cheaper Eflex vs United.
  2. Thermostat not opening

    Silly question, but does your fan kick in? My car wouldn't actually get hot enough to open the thermostat when it was just idling with the fan on. If you have a thermo fan try disconnecting it and letting the engine get a little warmer, the thermostat should then kick in. I was getting worried and ended up changing the thermostat too before I tried that. Also you can test the thermostat with a pot of water on your stove if you're still in doubt.
  3. EFR 6758

    ^ Same cams but with BC springs. I had some valve float with the Tomei springs according to the tuner.
  4. EFR 6758

    It would be around 300kw on 25psi or so. Haven't had it dyno'd for a while but made 285kw before, and have improved things since then.
  5. EFR 6758

    That's cool, didn't realise someone made it fit. Not much clearance around that coolant line but whatever. Yeah I'm really happy with it. Wastegate functions well, haven't noticed any issues with it, and the BOV works well. No complaints.
  6. EFR 6758

    I am using an EFR 6758 in T2 flange. Very happy with it. If you are building a manifold regardless then it is worth it. The biggest down side IMO is that they don't fit a standard manifold, which means you need to spend $ on a custom manifold. Other than that very happy with it.
  7. Mate if you're in Sydney I've got a single spare caliper I can sell you for next to nothing. I wouldn't bother trying to fix it given the price of a replacement caliper.
  8. It's all in the shock. My bilsteins/koni with 10/8kg springs ride way better than my old 8/6kg BCs
  9. is twin scroll really worth it?

    That dyno was a while ago. It has been touched up since...
  10. is twin scroll really worth it?

    Looks like it was more like 23psi. Not sure what the dip is before it ramps up again. This was a while ago so don't remember exactly.
  11. is twin scroll really worth it?

    Dunno, never use 98. Bear in mind with the 6758 you'll need a custom dump pipe, and you'll need to change intake pipe and hot side piping. Also unsure if it fits the stock manifold, I'm using a Full Race manifold. Honestly consider how much power you really want because a 2871r, though not quite as good, will probably do 250kw on 98 and is a much cheaper way to do it.
  12. is twin scroll really worth it?

    I've got the 6758 in single scroll on a full race manifold. Sr20det with 260 cams. Makes 7psi by 3000rpm and 25 by 3700. Made 285kw at last dyno. On e85. Would recommend.
  13. Subframe, Diff, Arms Bushes

    Bling your guide for removing the subframe bushes was how I did it, thanks. I didn't think about using a holesaw, would do that over burning them out.
  14. Subframe, Diff, Arms Bushes

    I just did those, I ended up burning them out and then hack sawing through the shell, similar to what people do with the subframe bushes.
  15. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Just did the conversion bushes on an S15 subframe I have, so watching this to see how you get it to fit in the car.