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  1. Need a new suit

    i get mine from Oxford (Parra) due to corporate deal we have. HOwever, they normally have deals for the general public which should bring the price down to around $400 ish per suit.
  2. Moving to Victoria

    Hello Fellow Victorians im moving to the "place to be". cant sell my s14a, so gona take it down with me. just a few questions.. i hear its like .. "bad" with defects, n coppers out to get you for what ever they can. is it really that bad as they say? also, ill have nsw rego, so hopefuly they wont even bother with me? as when i had vic rego in nsw, no1 really gave a rats ass. not like im going to be cruising or hooning around or anything, just wanna prepare myself and know what to expect.. ill proly be driving like 5.4kms to be exact from home to da gym 3 days a week. another questions where are the good gyms at? i found next level fitness at noble park with the 200 lbs dumbells. ill be staying at springvale and eventually get a place in the inner city around ascot vale, essendon, moonee ponds etc.. and what are some decent clubs or bars to hit up after a long friday after work? i hear the best places are like hidden or in alley ways etc?? see ya fellow victorians around! Nate.
  3. Insurance companies

    i work for the bank and got a better deal through comminsure than my current policy with just cars. staff benefits musta just beat it tho. http://www.comminsure.com.au/ subject to underwriting tho.
  4. What To Do In Melb ?

    melbourne is da fking bomb! definately "the place to be" as your number plates say thats why im moving! well, i find out tmr! gonna have a bachleaor pad in da city! ns.com welcome.. well females only =P hehe kidding.
  5. I got T-boned by a truck!

    LOL @ Thread hi jacker! stole the spot light hard!! well your ok which is the main thing. i know which intersection your talking about after the shell.. the lights is just like a few metres from the exit? similar to the john st/cumo shell exit at the lights..

    1/ its not how long you've owned, its how much you've paid off on the loan + any growth/appreciation on the property. 2/ the bigger the deposit the better. Less mortgage insurance you will have to pay. i think the brackets are from 80%, 92%, 97% and 100% and what ever above. eg: if you have only 6%, means you gotta borrow 94%, you will pay the basic mortgage insurance of the 92% + what ever it is. i think it was a percentage per thousand? or hundred? i cant remember. 3/ no. stamp duty is a tax. best way to take advantage is to buy your first home upto 500k. thats where you get free stamp duty, worth it if you can afford the repayments untill you turn it into an investment. learnt my lesson on a cheapO first home

    AWA is no longer available under the government?
  8. Fastest Learner Bike Opinions

    new kawasaki ninja 250 looks aiight for learners. about 6.5k personally, i wouldnt want a cbr250rr due to the age factor on. wouldnt touch that hyosung or wat eva its called.
  9. Unmakred bright orange VE SS

    LOL! all you need is one of them strobe lights on your dash and you'll look like the real thing. done it in 2001 with my VT =P on another note, ive seen an unmarked FPV pull over n hassle some skyline on king st.. they had him pulled over for a while (easily over 30 mins)
  10. Hook up the unemployed NSW ns.commers

    i remember Linfox was hriing before cant remember who the contact was, and SAP was a required.
  11. City workers

    + 1 for daves kitchen!!!
  12. City workers

    CBA yO! we own j00! haha i go down to wynyard for lunch. $4.90 korean 2 choices with rice. pretty yummy! or $6 crepes. apparently the one right next to martin place station/under CFS is the biggest crepes ive seen.
  13. Bulli is more of a look out not a beach. nice place for apicnic. austimer, thirroul and the numerous consecutive beaches are nice. there is one with a bbq so, you could cook something up. austimer has a mini rock pool and plenty of rocks to walk along n see weird n wonderful creatures. no resturants, but theres a classic fish n chips shop and a mini shopping centre down the road.
  14. WTB: Good vibes tickets...

    i saw one for sale on my intranet at work $150 - $10 can go to my lunch =) drop me a PM.
  15. nicks auto electrician at smithfield in that new complex, awesome blokes.