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  1. 2 post hoist suppliers SA

    Yep that's the one my bad some good gear if only I had the space
  2. 2 post hoist suppliers SA

    There is an auction on through MGS in a few weeks with a few 2 and 4 posit hoist aswell as a mainline dyno
  3. Nah physical copy, I've got my pre order to pick up still but my ps3 is only 20gb :/
  4. How much did people pay for there pre order from eb? Missus got it for me for Father's Day and it was $110 I think ?
  5. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    Wonder if I can get rooftop seats this year
  6. tax times fun times

    What sort of times are people waiting for there refund, via etax ?
  7. ^^ Faps to my little pony
  8. Go Karts event

    Did you decide on what format your going to run ?
  9. ^ Lost his virginity to a transexual asian hooker
  10. tax times fun times

    Did mine today 4k, hoping it comes through quick ! spending mine on more sound proofing
  11. Go Karts event

  12. ^^^ enjoys being able to have a dolmio grin more than once a month