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  1. Good on you for having a go, that's the way to learn. A thing I've learnt to make putting it back together easier is to lay a big sheet of paper or card on your bench, Mark a grid on it with 4 boxes, one for each cylinder, as you take the cams and rockers off place them in the boxes of the corresponding cylinders. You can get a metal head gasket,which is stronger, just spray both sides with "hylomar" to make sure it seals. You will have to replace the head bolts as they are single use "torque to yield" type. Before you pull the cam sprockets off, have a length of coat hanger wire ready to put through the chain and hold it out of the way. Hope this helps, just follow the manual and keep asking questions. Jace
  2. power window motor

    when my window stopped working, I could hear the black box clicking too. I pulled the cover off and saw that there was corrosion on the solenoid contacts, clean them with a bit of 'wet&dry' and window works again.
  3. cut & polish

    The difference between solid colour and metalic is that metalic has a base coat (colour) and a clear coat over the top. 2 pac and acrylic are both like this. As long as the clear isn't completely shagged, giving it a cut n polish will be fine. If it is shagged then you can give it a go anyway cause it doesn't matter, it's allready stuffed
  4. S13 Drivers Side Window

    The rubber cushion in the gear box on the end of the motor is torn, when you pull the motor out, take the cover off and you will see it. In short ,you need a new motor. When you take it out ,make sure you grease up all the runners and pulleys on the moving parts. This will stop it happening again.
  5. S13 Dash re-skinning

    I had my stripped and re-skinned in brisbane by Dashboard Restorations, cost $440 and looks like it came straight off the showroom floor, he's a nice guy and does brilliant work
  6. heating problems

    Try not to drive it too hard as your engine tollerances are correct only at correct operating temp. It won't do damage but it will run rich as your ecu will be reading a cold coolant temp.

    Normal running will see your temp. between 80 and 100c oil press. fluctuates with revs, by the book it's 11psi at idle once warmed up. and 57psi at about 3500 or somewhere thereabouts.
  8. Girls.....And their bodies

    I don't think this thread is bs at all, I think it's great to talk things through. I'm in my 40s now ,and I've gone through a lot of self searching during my life because I like to question myself. Why is "this" my weakness, why is "that" my strength. I believe really knowing yourself leads to true confidence, and I'm not talking about "being true to yourself",because most of the time that's just selfish bs. I've been married 13yrs to the most wonderfull woman I've ever met (she doesn't read this ,so I'm not looking to get lucky tonight), sadly for her she has a mother that continually put her down, and that totally messes a person up. I know this sounds simple but it's just a start, there is just one thing I come down on my wife about and that is saying negative things about herself because that is a cancer to your soul. The 2nd thing is to be able to accept compliments graciously,that may be just being able to say thanks and believe that compliment. I have 2 great little girls aged 7 & 10 and it is music to my ears when they say "thankyou" to some one who has just told them how pretty they look. Since the day they were born I've told them good stuff about themselves(you must verbalize it) In saying that I'm not unrealistic,if I think they can do better a something I'll tell them that too,that's how we grow. The point to this is that real confidence is so attractive that it shines through us physicly because it drives us to look after ourselves. And there's turbofan's Saturday arvo philosophy, hope it puts a seed in some one's soul.
  9. Yeah that's right 99% of them are 1/8 NPT. I bought a whole tap & die set at crazies for $14, that's what I used to put the pressure sender in my SR with.
  10. Calling all brisbane bike riders

    Hmmmm No takers ay, maybe I should try another forum.
  11. Hey, I know there are a few riders around this site, just wondering if anyone else gets RDO's during the week ? Mid-week rides up the mountains are the best (no tourists) Nebo,Tambourine,Advancetown, all good. I'm on a rotating roster, so the day changes every week. This week I'm off Thursday. So have a think about it. It's open if you just want to drive too.
  12. sensor specs

    Yeah, I'd be keen to get my hands on that info too.
  13. 180sx Power Windows

    Yes that's a very common problem,mine's doing it at the moment. It's the control box that's located under the arm rest in the drivers side door. It will continue to get worse and you will have to replace it. Giving the arm rest a tap will keep it going for a while though,that's what I'm doing ATM.
  14. I always buy the 5l bottles at supercrap and put it in a spray bottle, works well ,just spray on,scrub it with a paint brush or other soft brush and hose off.
  15. Auto - Manual conversion for S13

    I did this conversion on my first silvia quite a few years ago, I went to a wrecker who was importing half cuts and bought everything I needed -box ,clutch,clutchpedal & hydraulics, tail shaft and g-box cross member for $1200 You can easily cut the hole for the clutch pedal in the fire wall from the inside,you don't take the engine out!!! It's also easier to cut down the auto brake pedal to the right size than to remove and replace it. Get together with someone who knows how to turn a spanner and give it a go.