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  1. nisskid's 32 4 door

    ^But that's a Toyota, not a Nissan pos
  2. Were you on new tyres when you ran against Michael? Your car was so much faster in the battle against Michell, but slower during the re-run. It may be worth testing your tyres further as the speed loss was noticed by everyone on the hill. Your car stops so much faster than any other car. It could be visibly seen with how late you could handbrake into turn two. I forgot to say, welcome to the wonder that is the Toyota inline 6
  3. Gossy's 400kw RB30 S13 build...tassie style!

    Are you going to be driving your white anti-powerskid drifter at all this year? Your Tasmanian, sorrounded by the best beer in the world and look at what you drink So the S15 is going on the back burner or are you going to be a one man three car team? I'm pleased to see Brendo's old bus being revived Justin
  4. 1jz 180sx

    Wayne had a good old laugh when I told him you were still using the last of your tyres from 2009.
  5. ADGP Round3 Feedback

    The constant Facebook updates were fantastic!
  6. Twin dumps are good for these due to the heat issues the standard ones use. Even if dumps are the only mod, they are good for the longevity of the factory turbos I'm glad to see your now rolling with a real engine as well
  7. 1jz 180sx

    I hear it looks tough with those baller 15x8 SSR's
  8. Hey Mandi, get some dumps fitted while the car is apart. Ash made 211rwkw in his 180SX with dumps, 3"straight thru exhaust, fuel cut defender and 15psi. Ash also swapped my standard dumps for a big twin dump setup that Joash made. He had them off and on twice due to a gasket leaking If you want info on who makes them, just ask or PM me.
  9. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    That turbo is going to destroy a standard clutch in no time if you have any grip. Have you purchased a decent clutch (NPC or Jim Berry)?
  10. 1jz 180sx

    Your last run was scary to watch. I didn't realise how stuffed your clutch was Your car was putting out rooster tails so it has a ton of grip and power Any one want to buy Ash a Jim Berry or NPC clutch ?
  11. E85 available at Sandy Bay United servo

    No, they have both E85 and E10. E85 is out of the pump against the wall.
  12. They are selling it for $1.35/litre as of 5/4/12. I don't know about its quality, so buyer beware etc etc.
  13. 1jz 180sx

    4th gear between one and two biatch
  14. Anyone remember Drift Battle magazine?

    Venturing to Claremont
  15. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    The dumps can be modded, but they point straight at the steering shaft... They'd be good for the flange and a small part of the piping. I have no doubt you'd be able to mod them to fit though.