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  1. Who just whent to ebisu matsuri.

    Probably Loz dude, runs the website.
  2. Drift events should be run by drifters, no one else understands it.... At the Qld matsuri, they have to choose non drifter volunteers for marshalls (as compared to our morning sesh/full day sesh where all the marshalls are drifters) and it definitely shows. About only 1 dude out of the 10 there had an idea Drifters 4 lyf
  3. Haha, yeah. The blame games easy Volunteer next year mez If i have no one to film, i'll jump in that box 100 percent as Bloke said...... I need to eat hahahah
  4. The flag official was up in her tower right on the top of the hill where the boys initiate.... If she was waving a flag it would of all been avoided. At the end of the day Shane did a stupid manuever, but the onus can 100 percent be put on the track officials..... We were all there watching her not lift her finger.... f**king useless....
  5. My Plans For A Drift Build

  6. What Australian drifting needs

    Shameless self plug but they used to do a bbq at the end of morning sessions goldcoin style! I didn't realise it was 4 years ago but! I dont know what happened to the bbq it seems to have gone incognito. * 2:30 for communal bbq happenings
  7. What Australian drifting needs

    Yeah dude i suck don time at getting my point across so i need a few posts to convey the full thought haha. Exactly dude! Everyone is so focused on upping the anti in themselves/the sport that there is no time to sit back and jerk yourself weak. We're slowly getting there and there will be a tipping point, everyone just needs to keep up the good mentality!
  8. What Australian drifting needs

    I'm not in the scene and although as a car guy I'm cool with the other points, this one isn't "sticking to your f**king guns", it's actually just being a f**king wanker. If there's anything your scene doesn't need, it's this kind of attitude. Let people post videos and ask for likes. That's what kids do these days. Don't try to tear them down on the basis that it's "already been done"... almost everything has been done by now, not to mention if their pansy hipster attention-whore content sucks, they won't get the Likes anyway. Videos and the rise people get from gaining viewer approval is a big factor that has driven the recent boom in popularity of Tricking, Freerunning and Parkour, before which they were fairly underground activities. Sure you'll get some tools and the occasional aggressive fanboy, but ultimately you end up with more people in the scene, and more people who can recognise who is killing it and who is not, which imo is the goal. '' Nah see you miss the point then if your cool with everything else but not that. You can't let people think they are killing it when they are not in a sport of subjectivity THAT IS STILL GROWING. You just can't. You're openly letting someone shit on your cake you haven't finished yet. The drift scene is the cake, over time you have built up layers upon layers. To get to the frosting you have to start down in the spongey depths. Over time drifters have gone from just 20 meter run ups to 150 meter entries. Are you gonna let some new comer in to drifting do a 20 meter run up and then run around and think his killing it like he did a 150m entry? You wouldn't yet we do and what does that affect have? It means any other new comer to the scene that cops old mates 20 meter run up i am king attitude, is gonna think "Oh all you need to do is enter 20m and you're the best" He has just undermined all the hard work everyone else did working up their skill to do 150meter entries. People are attacking the frosting right away. That very case is happening in Australian drifting right now. But i was talking about media people I see what you're saying and you're right.... in 10 years when drifting has progressed more shit will roll that way much like as Mick said above Xgames/Street league. But we're not there yet, and a whole lot of people are blinded to the fact we're not by the case i provided above. They are thinking its glitz and glamour with their fan pages when we haven't even dropped the oil yet! I am more than versed in the affect of more videos on a subject increases more potential for growth. BUT. You said yourself you're not too into the scene which i feel is blurring your full perspective on the subject. You can't have your solid media circle (the dudes who are a constant in the scene at most events etc.) not respecting what one another is doing. Because then all it is, is a dick measuring contest with no dick. How do you measure that? Too many media dudes are not doing that. They think they are the shit when they shouldnt. This mindset is destructive because dudes get an ego and stop pushing barriers which prevents growth. For barriers to be pushed media cats need to be aware what barriers have already been. Thus respecting what has came and what will come in the scene and then trying to exceed that via their own interpretation of drift.
  9. What Australian drifting needs

    Oh i dont think you can change every ones attitudes i know thats impossible. Its just a heads up for when a different system rises.
  10. What Australian drifting needs

    Been a while since i broken recorded If we could all just get everyone on the same page of what should be respected in drifting i think thats what drifting around the world needs. I feel it is short sighted to think that we need some Major sponsor for things to pick up. Lack of money is a problem yes but if you go deeper there is an explanation as to why the lack of money. There are multiple groups of mind sets on a different page when it comes to drifting. We should all be on the same mind set when it comes to "the unspoken rules" of drifting. You know the "unspoken rules" everyone knows but doesn't need to say, thats what i am getting at here. We "drifting" don't have any unspoken rules. We should, otherwise drifting can't and wont evolve (evolution = money) Why do you say that Mez? For a scene like drifting to thrive it needs to be built on tradition. People need to pay props and stick to their f**king guns. "Hey media kid you're not killing it, get off your f**king high ass hipster horse thats already been done so no we dont want to get you to 1000 likes" "Hey new pro drifter man, lose your shit *milkshake* arrogant attitude. You have only drifted a few days" "Hey doucheon mandick dont you know that style is a subjective thing, WHO GIVES A f**k ITS NOT TO YOUR TASTE, its about how the brother rocks it" "Hey dick head any one can buy a catalog of parts get off your own dick" Right now any body can come into the scene and think they are "the best everrrrrrr" in all aspects (drifting,photos, filming). For a scene that want's to grow it is gonna have to start paying attention to its own self and have tradition.
  11. What Australian drifting needs

    Yeah I am with Shane i dont exactly think its tracks holding Australian drifting back as a whole.
  12. What Australian drifting needs

    I fail to see how a bigger population is meant to get rid of shit attitudes, or are we back to bigger is better again? "Sally got a one track mind" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5vIvkfziUU
  13. What Australian drifting needs

    It all seems sus brother and i feel like we could be 3 steps forward instead of 1, but baby steps never hurt, deffs all for the event thanks for the insight!
  14. What Australian drifting needs

    And guess what, THEY STILL DON'T. Drifting hasn't changed, just people realised they could make a quick buck from it.
  15. What Australian drifting needs

    But its not working backwards. D1GP and FD worked their shit up. They didnt try fake the funk and act like they were big dollar national series. They BUILT it up into the events you see today. Everyones blinded by the now and they dont look towards the future. You cant just have a happening national series straight off the bat, you have to build it up. D1GP Final round 2001, doesn't exactly look the same as the D1GP these days some 12 years later. It almost looks like a run of the mill practice day...... Who would of thought they built up their series. FD, is a different ball game because they are in America, given the size of the country they have a lot of man power. But still look at this qualifying run from 2004. Doesn't look like the same get up you would see in todays FD. Builddddddd It up and it will stay!