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  1. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys, sorry that i havent been updating this thread. Quite abit has happened with the project, its actually a roller atm just on stands. Rear subframe and fuel tank are in, front frame is in and the engine is ready to be dropped in, Brake master is installed, fuel lines, and finaly got my slotted front rotors and new brake pads. Will get photos up shortly.
  2. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey peeps, after work today i bought some septone paint stripper and dayyuummm it works good...unlike the Digger stuff ha.. anywho heres some pictures. The driver side has already been stripped and in Primer.
  3. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys, small update. Did some cutting on the type x front bar and going to modify it to look like the hot road front bar.
  4. Project Money Pit v2.0

    yeah I was considering fender braces but I can always get them later on when the car is almost finished, but i think the extra welds in the engine bay should be enough to hold it together... i hope ha yeah been reading about it and seems like it is a common issue but I would have thought it would be more common on the cars that are used for hard driving/track?; this was my daily so i believe the suspension might have been a tad too stiff..
  5. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys, here are some pictures of the cars progress to date. interior more pictures of the damage on the old shell and heres one of the hot road bodykit. its just the front lip, there was abit of confusion but was finally resolved and the front bar was given to the right owner its a biiiiggg kit might i say. the lip looks the same but its longer and lower then the standard type x lip.
  6. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys just an update.. the engine, gearbox, tailshaft, rear subframe and front K frame has been removed from old shell. The rust on the floor pan and spare wheel arch has been patched up with plates from the old shell, and is good as new now with minimal bog(less then 1/4 of the 1kg tin). The engine bay seam welding along the joints are all completed and is now reading for paint stripper and will be getting prepped for paint. I will have to drop by Supercheap and get some sound deadening for the interior floor. I will post pics up as soon as I can.
  7. Project Money Pit v2.0

    UPDATE: hey guys, me and a few good mates spent a lot of time on this project so i can get it back on the road asap, basically engine is 90% ready to come out. Interior loom, AC vents, and all interior plastic vents behind the dash has all been transferred over to the new shell. Also marked out the areas in the engine bay so extra welds can be added to help strengthen the front end of the car. Heres me tucking the loom in position ready for bolting up, luckily I was smart enough to label the loom first before ripping out everything hah
  8. Project Money Pit v2.0

    UPDATE 24/9/12: Just a small one, found out that my hot road bodykit is arriving in about a months time. For Pics of what it looks like, search up C's Garages old 180sx
  9. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys. Yeah its just been daily driven (as 180X) mentioned. My assumption would be it cracked because of how stiff my car was or previous accident history when it was back in japan made the whole structure weaker.. I was thinking about Tubbed front end but the whole strut tower has shifted out of position. Anyways, the shell finally arrived yesturday and we started to stripping the sound deadening and took out the fuel tank. S13 wide front fenders anyone lol?? dont know what size or brand. pretty good nick, no cracks on them suprisingly.
  10. Project Money Pit v2.0

    UPDATE 16/09/12: hey guys, i know i have been updating this build thread... Latest news on this... there is now a massive crack along the wheel arches and it runs up along the strut tower; i have thought about what to do and reshelling would be the best option rather then trying to reposition the strut tower and getting it rewelded back together. Heres some pictures i took with my phone. on the plus side. I have a new shell that is arriving early this week . Also forgot to mention my hot road bodykit is finally nearly here as well
  11. Is this what you were after? its called Car make Rasty http://www.rasty.tv/pro/aero.html
  12. Project Money Pit v2.0

    thanks guys. Project_S13: hmm most likely kit it up first, am looking at getting Hot Road side skirts, rear lip and front lip. It wont be cheap though... and I think it will sit fairly low. philmak: Cheers . Seems like I have a habit of buying s**t boxes and then trying to make them nicer.. ha
  13. Project Money Pit v2.0

    hey guys, I thought I'd update you guys on my new ride.. since i got rid of the yellow one. Picked it up about 6 or 7 months ago with standard suspension and chromies so here it is.. 1995 Nissan 180sx Exterior: Type x(kouki) front bar Type X(Kouki) tail lights Carbon Fiber center garnish Engine: Black Top SR20DET Fuel Pump Front Mount Intercooler Pod Filter SARD fuel pressure regulator GFB T-Piece boost controller GK Tech overflow bottle GK Tech Catback Exhaust High Flow Catalytic converter X-Force front pipe Interior: Nardi Classic 360mm steering wheel Nismo carbon gear knob Bride Brix 1.5 driver seat Race Tech Boost Gauge (Defi Copy) Footwork M2 Hanbai NC-10R F:17x8.5+25 R: 17x9+20 Federal RSR Tyres F:215/45/17 R:235/45/17 BC BR Coilovers
  14. hey guys, I have an issue with my car that and i am chasing possible answers to, basically the scenario is as follows. The car is a 1995 180sx with all stock front suspension arms and the only thing that is after market is the BC BR coil overs. After lowering the car to the SAME height (being 62.5 front the ground to the guard), I noticed when i was looking at it by eye, the gap between the guard and the tyre on the left hand front is different to the Right hand front, but its actually the same height on both sides,when measured from ground to guard. The other issue is the wheel on the left hand front sits further in from the guard compared to the right hand front(both wheels are same size and offset, 17x8.5+25), looking like as though the front left wheel is a higher offset to the right. I am pretty sure this car has been in a accident before, as though he hit the gutter or something and it has been repaired, but i am not sure as to the extent of the damage it had. I'd like to hear your thoughts as to what could be causing the problems, chassis?, suspension arms?, guard?
  15. Kims S13

    wow man! this car is mint as!, I love everything about it. Its nice that you kept the standard aero and not go all fiberglass(like i can talk!!! XD)