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  1. ok, update I upgraded the master cylinder, had to upgrade twice just to be able to get it to shift right (first to 3/4 which wasnt enough). Master cylinder bore is now a whopping 1 inch in diameter (willwood), i also put a spacer ring behind the throw out bearing to make it thicker, didnt make much of a difference. still not good enough but it does the job i guess, still too far to the floor to my liking, and pedal is stiff as but im kind of used to it now. I know its a bandaid solution - if i get the chance i think ill take the box out and space out the pivot and make it longer so i get a proper fork angle. I think this is the issue. What would be the best way to space it out? Make a new longer pivot ball or weld a threaded nut onto the base to extend it out? Also what i find interesting is the clutch assembly in GTRs and how they have a vacuum booster. What is the size of these masters and would the whole lot fit into an S chassis?
  2. major bump, I have the same issue vicSlidn, seems that its a common thing with RB25 boxes on sr20s when using a thick adapter spacer. It changes the pivot angle of the fork and therefore your grab point would be near the floor, especially when using a multi plate clutch Iv bled, changed slave, adjusted pedal rod, made a longer slave rod. Now my next step is to go a bigger master cylinder. This will force more fluid to the slave and therefore give the rod a bigger throw. This should hopefully solve the issue Just wondering if you did this also
  3. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Yo Ben looking good man. With the doughy throttle response does the link ecu have a throttle transient fuel enrichment option?
  4. Engine whine S15!

    Ground your RCA shielding. Works every time
  5. Could be, or could be the fuel pump is clogged making it work harder and draw more current, or could be faulty. Either of the 3
  6. So did u manage to drive it onto the trailer?
  7. Boost creep Issues

    What he's trying to say is if ur car is creeping up to 23psi then just tune it to run on 23psi. It shouldn't creep further. 23psi is the minimum the system wants to run. So run the minimum
  8. No it won't fit. End thread
  9. Boost creep Issues

    Where is the gate mounted.
  10. 70% bigger injectors, would still run pretty rich on E85 but possibly enough to get a car onto a trailer. Like I said, worth a shot but why can't a few guys just push the car on?
  11. Surprised with my dyno results

    Put it on a Mainline dyno, u would probably see 170rwkw
  12. Boost creep Issues

    Where is the gate mounted.
  13. facken too many whiners . Bro seeing that e85 needs a lot more fuel anyway u might get away with it, might still run slightly rich even for E85 but shouldn't be too bad for a minute or two to get it onto the trailer. Give it a go, what's the worst that could happen, u flood ur motor and it stalls? Pfft