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  1. Hi, I've got the leaking clutch problem and thankfully I've been able to purge the air after letting it the reservoir run down to nothing!! So its working again, but it needs to be replaced. The parts involved are the master and slave clutch, and I've heard I can get them new for about a 100... should I have to replace both or just a single part? Do they retail for a 100 each or together? I just want a heads up before ringing the mechanic. Thanks in advance Tim
  2. Water temp guage

    Hey, they look like this From memory I think you need the 46mm size, I got mine off ebay, pm if you want the details, I'm sure some sponsors on here sell them....
  3. Water temp guage

    Don't you have to tap into the radiator, you need an adaptor... you stick the sender into the adaptor then hook that up to the gauge, you can't use the factory sender...
  4. Introducing my S13

  5. Okay, for those looking for the result, ............. IT WAS THE DIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that damn little dimmer.... the autoelec went around it and hey presto it worked!!! Only took 30min in and out... After all the hours I spent on it! Dash lights are now working!
  6. Hi, i've been having problems with my dash lights and speedo (I have a digi dash) for the last year. I've done the searching and I want to check if there is the correct power is getting to the dash through the dimmer, I have checked the dash MANY times, I have a spare dash cluster and lights and speedo aren't working with either, until that very hot day comes around when dash lights work for 10 min... digi speedo never works. I have a multimeter but I can't determine where the power is coming from, where is the ground? Could you please explain the circuit path for the dash lights, because it seems as though the positive is joining with the positive, if I follow the path around. I have an aftermarket speedo, so I don't care about the digi speedo, I just want the dash lights to work. (BTW the aftermarket speedo only works when the dash lights are working, which is almost never, but one step at a time) If the numbers on the image aren't enough please edit the images and repost. I'm booked in at the autoelec this Sat, but I'd like to determine whats wrong and where before I get there. Where should I put the mulitmeter guys? Thanks in advance!
  7. speedo dead

    Do you have a digital or analog speedo?
  8. s13 remove sunroof

    Thanks for the help! I found this one.... http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...sunroof++remove It does help to search on all posting not just ones in the last month!
  9. I have some serious rust issues developing around my sunroof. Its the old push button kind that slides back and forth inside the roof, not the manual kind. Anyone know of any articles on how to remove the sunroof? I need to get it out to repair the rust? Cheers Tim
  10. Water Temps?

    Does the new gauge have its own sensor/sendor?... Flushed the radiator?
  11. S13 Instrument Cluster

    I just got a pivot speed meter, connected everything up... DIDnt work,... Took it down to the mechanic, he tested the speed sensor on the gearbox, its all fine. My dash lights started working for a second when it was really cold and magically the pivot speed sensor started to work. So u can try get aftermarket gauges, but they wont work until you get power to the dash... in my case anyway... I pulled the dash out this weekend, checked all the little lights and checked connections, I think I found what it was... my digi dash gets its power from a little red wire which attaches to the board, I don't think that was connected up nicely... I can't confirm though becos now I have alarm problems!!!!!
  12. S13 Instrument Cluster

    What was the outcome here? Was the chimer completing a circuit? My dash lights aren't coming up either... I have the chime disconnected but it doesn't have an effect whether the lights are on or off...
  13. Few pics of my silvia, tell us wat u think......

    Looks good, I love the rear bar!.... what are you guys on about, looks good...
  14. ignition wire

    Thanks for that link Just_Looking... its a good one!
  15. ignition wire

    What engine do you have? Do a google search on 3 words, "ECU Pins" and your engine... and you will find lots... or you might find what you need by downloading this: http://www.apexi-usa.com/pdf/technicalDocumentation/200.pdf