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  1. The fronts rubbing on the front bumper will be your castor settings mine did this when the castor rods came loose so set it around 6-7degrees and you should be sweet I think.
  2. My s15 had 18x9 +25 fronts with 10mm spacer 225 tyres 18x10 +15 rears with 235 tyres Had to pull the front guards a tiny bit and the rears out abit but looked sex had as much camber on the front as I could and was -3 on the rear im pretty sure. Wish I never sold this car
  3. Got some pretty bad blow by in my r32 and low compression on one cylinder, guessing its the rings, what are some tricks to reseat them if they have come loose without pulling the engine apart? Heard to remove spark plug and put some liquid ajax in then start it up?? Anyone else have some ideas would rather try these before pulling the engine apart as I cant be f**ked hahah
  4. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 162000 Price : $16,000 Condition : Used Selling my manual 2002 ADM S15 chasing $16000 as is. Will consider swaps for a clean near stock S2 S14, 180sx or r32 plus cash my way. 162XXXkms Exhaust Black front mount Greddy profec b spec II boost controller Turbo timer Walbro fuel pump BC coilovers GKtech castor rods and toe arms SPL camber arms Wolf wheels 18x10 +15 and 18x9 +15 Located in Townsville QLD.
  5. Anyone tried the project mu range? Thinking about spending abit more for a decent set of brakes.
  6. So i'm chasing some new brake pads for my s15 cause i'm sick of my rears the amount of dust they give off is ridiculous wash my wheels go for a drive and need to clean them again. Can anyone recommend some decent brake pads for street that give off little dust?
  7. Tinted rear window? Someone has probably stuffed one of the lines in the glass
  8. when to shift on t28bb

    LOL this is actually funny. Something is def wrong with your car or your driving. It's gonna feel abit like boost isn't doin much high in the rev range cause they are only a small turbo but 5000rpm old mate probably didn't even think you were racing haha
  9. Newbie, JDM S13 Convertible

    ONEVIA plates aren't original every s13 with a 180 front is called a onevia. S13 dashes all crack its a common problem. Won't be able to find anything to do with the roof as the cars weren't made through Nissan they were made by autech. Doubt you'll find any roof that will slip on will have to be custom made, the 240sx roofs don't fit and pretty sure the rear window is in a different spot.
  10. Newbie, JDM S13 Convertible

    I owned one not long ago was a massive impulse buy as one popped up around my way. Was in awesome condition interior still looked brand new was a CA18DET auto with front mount, boost controller and exhaust. Only thing stuffed was the roof had a couple of small rips and the rear window was that gross yellow, also wouldn't go up or down which ended up being the dash switch wasn't getting power so just wired it into another power source. I ended up putting a bigger fuel pump in, putting all adjustable suspension in it and the XD9 wheels. Getting the roof replaced was crap no place wanted to touch it and the only place that would quoted around the same price as you. Got a guy to do it for $1000 in the end and knew it was to good to be true roof looked good but leaked like a mofo and the guy done a runner on me. Heres what it looked like when I had it. After a few months of owning it the turbo seals crapped themself, got some coolant leaks and the gearbox overdrive button snapped and the dash ended up cracking on me. Quickly got over it and returned it to stock and sold it along with my other s13 and upgraded to an S15 now and no regrets what so ever hahah One tip if it doesn't have coilovers and you put them in make sure you put something over the top of them when they are installed cause as the roof folds down in the compartment and the coilovers sit higher then the stock springs means you will end up with two small holes in your roof/rear window where it rubs on them, happened slightly to mine and the chick that was on here for a little bit that had one had it happen to hers aswell. I just hollowed out a big chunk of foam for both sides and put it over top with some leftover plastic I had from the rear window.
  11. Its just been serviced with a brand new fuel filter, wouldn't a vac/boost leak make it drive horrible all the time? Haven't actually checked the O2 sensor though. Like I said though its only when you first drive it when the car is still warming up.
  12. Also sometimes when you go to start it after driving it somewhere it starts then dies and when you restart it it takes a few more kicks to get it to turn over. Only mods to the car are: Front mount (blocked BOV) POD Exhaust Walbro fuel pump I've done all those mods myself and the car has had this problem since I bought it when it was complete stock.
  13. Everytime I drive my S15 after first starting it when you get to a cruising speed it stutters every now and then and slows down. Doesn't stutter when accelerating and after you have driven for a little while it stops and drives fine from then on. Also having the problem of when it heats up when you come to a stop the rpm drops and sometimes even stalls. Now would both these problems be related to the IAC valve or whats else could cause it?
  14. I'm a goldfish

    I've noticed this too the past couple of years not so much with concentration but with memory and just general maths/spelling. I've gotten so lazy with it all and computers/internet do all the work for me. I heard someone call it google memory or something along those lines a while ago and thought shit thats exactly it. You think of something but can't quite remember it just google it, don't know how to spell a word spell check does it for you or google it, can't figure out the maths on something google it. So really your not remembering the answer your remembering how to find the answer by googling it.
  15. Price : $500 Condition : Used Got a set of four 19" rodney jane racing wheels off my s15. Two have brand new tyres on them and the other 2 have about an inch of tread on the insides that is just below legal limit. Located in Townsville and cannot post. $500